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JINDIAN 50N automatic financial binding machine | electric drilling machine hot melt riveting tube accounting file voucher binding machine

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Product parameters:

  • Binding machine Brand: Golden / Jindian
  • Model: GD-50N


Drill and gaskets belong Consumables , Not in warranty , Pro in the use please watch the video or view the instructions!

The life of the drilling tool is changed according to the binding amount of the certificate. Please watch the video demo!

A, such as the knife on a regular knife to sharpen, you can extend Drill use life!

B, gasket is possible Circle use , A circle full of holes after the proposed replacement!

包邮 Description: This section means 包邮 (overseas, Hong Kong, Macao, Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai and other remote areas.) Some areas need to send logistics from the mention, please consult the store customer service.

Automatic Binding Machine Electric Drilling Machine Voucher Binding Machine Financial Binding Machine Binding Machine Automatic Binding Machine File Binding Machine Electric Binding Machine

Automatic binding machine