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Together MG-500 financial accounting voucher binding machine for riveting 4.8mm * 50cm

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Product parameters:

  • Binding machine brand: Comix / united
  • Model: MG-500

Financial binding machine riveting tube (φ4.8 * 500mm for the vast majority of binding machine) 100 / box
★ Imported polymer nylon material is made;
★ environmental protection, durable. Binding to achieve permanent preservation;
★ certification by the authority. Certificate testing;
★ φ4.8 * 500mm binding machine riveting tube (100 / box);

Applicable to CM-3006 / CM-3008 / CM-5000
★ brand-name products, trustworthy;
★ moderate hardness, preservation effect is good;
★ recommended and supporting the use of binding machines;

Staple rivet tube storage Note:
Into the tie flat on the box, the top shall not place heavy objects, to prevent compression deformation;
Home cool and dry place, prohibit placed in high temperature environment, so as not to heat bending;
If the riveted pipe has been disassembled for a long time, please do the sealing treatment.