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URKV6 fingerprint attendance machine | Daka | Fingerprint | attendance | Fingerprint punch card machine | Fingerprint machine

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Product parameters:

  • Attendance brand: URK
  • Model: V6
  • Attendance type: type fingerprint
  • Color Classification: Lithium Lithium standard V6 standard + 8G U disk special
  • Access authentication method: Fingerprint
  • Service: shop three packs

Standard lithium =

Host + charger + Intelligent Power Software CD + + built-in lithium battery built-in lithium rechargeable Management Board + USB data cable + manual + said warranty with mounting plate screws up bolt + + national shipping + factory three years =328 yuan

Shipping Instructions: The default STO shipping, general area, generally 2-3 days to arrive; after contact northwest, southwest, Hainan, Tibet and other regions buyers please shoot padded freight customer.

The machine seven days unconditional return; quality problems within 30 days of repair, replacement; three-year warranty, the buyer shipping service and spare parts costs.

The machine is easy to operate, you can use U disk directly export reports as follows:

The following table is based on people, according to the days of punch time sheets

The following table is based on people, according to statistics of days late and leave early:

The following table is a different format for person, by day of tardiness statistics:

The following table is tardiness statistics by sector:

The machine can also use the standard software for automatic statistical attendance reports, adapt to any working mode, automatic statistics, without manual settings.

U disk may need to shoot Package:

Lithium standard + 8GU plate = 358 yuan

The machine is equipped with intelligent software, you can either use simple shift U disk output the report, you can also use intelligent software for complex statistical reporting shift, one machine. For multi-shift, shifts, overtime, night work, irregular work shifts and other complex intelligently Chabang, automatic statistics, without manual settings. intelligent software for complex, irregular shifts intelligent automation of statistics.

Software details, please see the subsequent introduction.

Billing Note:

Please provide invoicing on company letterhead to the online customer service, please try not to use the message, the invoice will be sent together with the goods, or simply failed to provide the rise of the message is not available online can be caused by the omission afterwards reissue, it brings us not delay Take responsibility.

Lithium battery capacity (standard, built-in battery and charging management board inside the fingerprint machine warranty for six months) as 2000MAH built-in fingerprint machine, was in power when the fingerprint machine supports continuous work 5-6 hours, if you set the fingerprint machine is saving manner can greatly extend the use of time.

The intelligent software to solve the three major problems of attendance:

1, intelligent investigation and multi-shift, shift types of users:

Case specifically address a variety of shifts, shift work, the software can automatically identify employees working type, frequency, duration, tardiness and other attendance software without human intervention, automatically identify the investigation, 100% accurate and reliable, is truly intelligent software to solve a number of classes, shifts, overtime can not automatically count problems.

2, automatic statistical overtime

Suitable for general shift overtime automatic statistics, such as: work at 8, 17:00 work, work until the evening, the software can automatically identify the frequency and duration of overtime without human intervention and settings, the software is doing the monthly report statistics when a few mouse clicks you can automatically get a report overtime.

3, across the night shift automatic statistics

Solve the factory night shift type user statistics, such as: a factory on two shifts: 8am to 8pm night at eight to 8:00 (Cross every night classes), the first use of the software required to set up these two law shifts, after long-term use can no longer set automatically when statistics statistics statistical reports across the night shift.

Software Number of users: 200

(In the hotel: 500 people, five thousand, ten thousand large-capacity attendance packages need, please contact customer service)

Applicable models: URK brand, Baoli brand fingerprint machine is equipped with.

These three aspects are common attendance software and so-called 'Free software' fingerprint machine can not solve the problem, through our professional team 10 years of developing and escalating the perfect solution to these challenges, for the majority of buyers to provide the most efficient software, fingerprint machine a good buy, but easy to use software is hard to find, especially in a number of classes, shifts, overtime, night shift buyers, this software is required.

Intelligent Software (Enterprise Edition Software) for the following situations:

Scale: reach dozens of people, hundreds of people, thousands of people;

Type: factories, hospitals, supermarkets, chain institutions, corporations, universities, entertainment, hotels, restaurants, airports, railway stations, service industries;

Work mode: multi-shift, shifts, irregular shifts, overtime, night shift hourly salary in mind;

Intelligence Enterprise Edition attendance software features: For shifts, frequent overtime, irregular units, supplied with a CD-ROM installation will have Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition sets attendance software available to use, Enterprise Edition software, which created a smart statistics For multi-shift, shifts, irregular overtime, irregular work unit, every time statistics without prior scheduling just a few mouse clicks, you can automatically complete all required attendance statistical reports, including: late, leave early, overtime , shift, duration, frequency, time records, etc. minimizes the workload on attendance management, to ensure the accuracy, the more people, the more shifts, overtime shifts more frequently without the law, the more significant the effect of software .

Attendance software interface:

Attendance Enterprise Edition software has access to software copyright certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office, Number: 009125, Registration number: 2003S84034

Software name: Fingerprint recognition software generic version Number: 009100, Registration number: 2003S84009

URK-V6 Photo:

URK-V6 box:

URK-V6 packaging Plans:

Kit includes: host, wall panels, power supply, instruction manual, certificate, warranty card, package material screws and bolts, USB cable + CD (standard version provides intelligent)

Outgoing goods:

The highest quality The URK fingerprint attendance machine:

Decades of production history, we as the quality of life, to ensure quality, URK fingerprint machines, the use of modern production and management philosophy, the key processes are using a large modern factory is completed.

Immersion Gold PCB board using technology, mobile phones, notebooks are using the same technology to ensure quality;

Motherboard welding high standard BGA package welding process, batches of product defect rate control in less than 5 per thousand;

Key board as gold plating, stainless steel contacts, waterproof, dustproof, long life and never wear;

CPU frequency of 400MHZ, the fingerprint machine industry is the highest speed, memory etc. using international brands;

URK fingerprint attendance machine technical highlights:

Recognition fastest , Using a super-high-speed engine technology people, whether it is 1000 fingerprints capacity (native URK-V6 1000 fingerprint capacity) or 30,000 fingerprint capacity (can be customized 3000-3 Wan fingerprint capacity) can experience no wait, no lag high-speed recognition;

Zero error recognition Only built-in super high speed recognition engine technology people dare to talk about zero error recognition, especially This is particularly important in high-capacity applications. The technology has been successfully applied to a number of more than 5,000 large factories (using 1 Wan fingerprint capacity version), years of use to prove the error rate is close to zero, identify fast. so native 1000 fingerprint capacity is more than enough.

U disk read and write two-way U disk, card readers to download, fingerprint data, the name can be uploaded, without connecting to a computer;

One full-function, built-in fingerprint machine Chinese character input method and offline version attendance software Without a computer used independently to complete the attendance of all the work: Input fingerprint keyboard to enter a name, set the frequency, set up departments, automatic statistical attendance reports (flow record, attendance abnormal statistics, long time late for early leave absenteeism), in accordance with all, department, individual statistics for any period of the report, export directly to a computer to view the U disk

User-friendly design , Interactive menus, live voice prompts, name number prompt, commuting alarm clock, time and attendance data is automatically stored, power-down and never disappear, frequent power outages in the area you can choose the built-in lithium battery packages;

Never wear fingerprint scanner The scanner contact surface quartz glass materials, anti-wear, anti-pollution;

Enterprise Edition provides attendance software , Enterprise Edition software has created a unique intelligent statistical functions Of irregular shifts, irregular overtime, irregular work unit, without prior scheduling just a few mouse clicks, you can automatically complete all required attendance statistics.

Mass Storage: This machine has independent internal memory that can store up to 20 million transactions attendance record, if 10 units can be used continuously for 10 years without deleting any data.

URK-V6 fingerprint attendance machine technical parameters:

Warranty Policy:

7 days unconditional refunding;

30 days quality replacement;

The original three-year warranty, Buyers bear the freight costs and spare parts;

Built-in lithium battery charge management board and warranty for six months

Maintenance mode:

Please send courier service directly to Beijing factory repair department, generally within 1-2 working days to fix concurrency courier returned.

Note: The company has not established any charges, the agency joined the Genius and the like, will be responsible for maintenance by the factory professionals.

The final interpretation of the terms of sale: High-tech Co., Ltd., Beijing Anritsu

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