Times soft underwear | disposable underpants | pregnant women maternal postpartum month supplies |

Times soft underwear | disposable underpants | pregnant women maternal postpartum month supplies |

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: times silk soft
  • Series: Maternal and child series
  • Model: 84423
  • UV disinfection XLL (120-139 kg) A: UV disinfection XXXL (140-159 kg) A: UV disinfection XL (100-119 kg) A: UV disinfection XXL Section B: Ethylene oxide L (80-99) B: ethylene oxide XL (100-119 kg) B: ethylene oxide XXL (120-139 kg) B section: Epoxy Ethane XXXL (140-159 pounds)
  • Size: other sizes
  • Number of items: 4

Promotional discount three bags minus three yuan minus eight yuan maternal dedicated Cotton Underwear ID purchase of 10 pieces
※ Recommended reason: A section of pure cotton dyeing and dyeing without fluorescent agent
B section of ethylene oxide mild breathable New and old random delivery (high recommended)
Brand Times silk soft Name Maternity disposable panties ethylene oxide type
Model number 84423/84430/84447 By weight 0.1 kg

First, the product composition

Second, origin
Fujian Xiamen

Third, the product size
L: suitable for abdominal circumference in the following 114cm, file depth 20cm, trousers 64cm.
XL: suitable for abdominal circumference in the following 118cm, file depth 21cm, trousers 72cm.
XXL: suitable for abdominal circumference in the following 126cm, file depth 23cm, leg 80cm.

Fourth, product characteristics
1. The use of ethylene oxide, safe and secure.
2. Bag body with a color change (which comes with dialysis paper, rather than subsidies up to the day after tomorrow), the indicator marked by the pink brown! Can be assured to wear.
3. Cotton design, convenient and comfortable, gentle breathable healthier.
4. A single independent packaging, and a special prevention of residual ethylene oxide analytic hole, to prevent secondary ethylene oxide gas damage, hygiene, the product is only open after the bag can be effectively clamped to prevent bacterial products Pollution.
5. Pants type according to the characteristics of pregnant women, radian design, effectively wrap all parts without discomfort.
6. High-waist elastic waistband, flat trousers, elastic, no painful parts of the embossed material to stimulate the thigh skin, suture soft, large, effective paste skin, no bundle of branded skin.
7. The use of paper bags, the use of dialysis paper, both the real guarantee of the effect, but also effective through the dialysis paper discharge of ethylene oxide residual gas.
8. Using the standard size, 95g cotton thickening, high elastic more personal, while the general disposable underwear is 80g cotton Oh.

Fifth, why need a one-time maternal underwear?

1. Postpartum prone to lochia, a lot of bleeding, easy to dirty clothes underwear.
2. General underwear simply can not meet the special needs of the period.
3. Maternal after delivery will be tired, the family to take care of maternal newborns will be very busy very tired, dirty underwear did not have time to wash.
5, the use of disposable underwear is very convenient, dirty throw, very convenient very health very safe. Than ordinary paper underwear which is good?

6, the use of methods
Bleeding and lochia discharge, with the use of maternal sanitary napkins. Lochia duration varies from person to person, with an average of about 21 days, 14 days for the short, up to 6 weeks for the elderly.

7, the use of time
Postpartum to the entire puerperium

Eight, recommendations
General to prepare 6 to 8 packets.
Nine, warm tips
1. Please choose a good size before buying Oh, this product is personal items, do not refund does not change Oh, please understand!
2. The transportation process is easy to be squeezed, the outer bag may be squeezed open, but there are independent packaging, does not affect the use, mind carefully shot!
3. The product of the bar code and the type of manufacturers are affixed to the Oh, the quality is guaranteed, please Ma Ma were assured to buy!