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Fire emergency lights LED power outage household bright safety exit indicator | fire certification | emergency lighting

Fire emergency lights LED power outage household bright safety exit indicator | fire certification | emergency lighting
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Fire emergency lights, for fire emergency lighting, fire emergency is the most common lighting tool, a long emergency time, high brightness with automatic emergency power. Fire emergency lights with low power consumption, high brightness, long life And so on, the edge of the design of the power switch and that show lights, suitable for factories, hotels, schools, units and other public places in order to prepare for power outage emergency lighting purposes.

Fire emergency lights a comprehensive upgrade

Before the note:

Emergency light containing glass fragile pro who must be unpacked after receipt of goods inspection, intact and then sign, if there are problems directly rejected! Otherwise, after the discovery of the problem of broken glass will not be dealt with!

First, use:

This device is used to install in the general industrial and civil buildings in the fire emergency lighting, to cope with sudden, accidental blackout, evacuation after the power to provide evacuation lighting.This product is fully in accordance with national standards GB17945-2010 standard design and manufacturing.

Second, the main technical indicators:

1, the input voltage: AC220V ± 10% 50 / 60HZ;

2, the output power: ≤ 3W;

3, the surface brightness: ≥ 50lm (lumens);

4, emergency light source: high brightness LED

5, the emergency conversion time: ≤ 3 seconds;

6, charging time: <24 hours;

7, the emergency time:> 90 minutes;

8, the use of ambient temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃;

9, protection class: lP30

10, the use of ambient air relative temperature: <90%;

11, the battery model and specifications: 3.6V800mAh nickel-cadmium battery pack (Jiangmen City Pengjiang District together Battery Co., Ltd.)

12, the Executive standard: GB17945-2010;

Third, the performance profile:

(Note: The lamp has a voltage automatic conversion circuit, the mains voltage if the voltage dropped to about 150V, the main state of the lights will be transferred to the emergency state, when the main power: green light, this indicator light, When the mains voltage rises to about 175V, the lamp will automatically resume the main power state from the emergency state, and check whether the input AC voltage is normal when using this lamp.

Charging: When the AC input of the lamp is connected to AC220V power, the circuit inside the lamp automatically charge the battery, the battery charge state, the red indicator light, when the battery is fully charged, the red charge indicator goes out, fully charged circuit Automatically into the trickle float state, extended lamp life.

Fault: The yellow LED lights up in the following cases.

1, the battery is not installed or the battery connection is not good;

2, DC Fuse open;

3, the light source is damaged or bad;

4, battery failure;

5, the battery capacity is not enough or the light source is damaged, monthly inspection, annual inspection can not automatically detect the fault indicator light flashes and bee alarm, beeper alarm once per minute, until the troubleshooting.

Test button:

1, this is similar to the main power supply fault from the complex button, according to the test button 1 to 3 seconds into the simulation test state, the lamp analog power into the emergency state, 3 seconds after the automatic recovery charge; by test 3 to 5 seconds, Into the monthly inspection simulation test state, the lamp automatically into the emergency state, by the backup battery power light source, 120 seconds after the resumption of the main electric charge; press the test button 5 to 8 seconds into the annual inspection of analog detection status, automatic lighting into the emergency State, by the internal backup battery-powered light source, emergency 30 minutes after the automatic recovery to the state of charge, such as the monthly inspection of the emergency time is not enough, the fault indicator light, and the buzzer alarm every minute until troubleshooting.

2, the test button also reset and turn off the emergency output function, in the case of normal power, such as the continued press the test button for more than 10 seconds, the circuit reset, re-timing.If the lamp failure, exclusion, please continue to press the test button 10 reset; the lamp into the emergency state, continue to press the test button for more than 10 seconds, you can turn off the emergency output.

Over-discharge protection: the circuit has accurate over-discharge protection, when the battery voltage to 80% of the rated voltage (3V), the circuit will cut off the discharge circuit, the current is almost zero after shutdown. The battery extends the life of the lamp.

Fourth, use:

1, then input AC wire, please refer to the wiring diagram wiring;

2, connected to AC220V, the main power state of the lamp, just press the test button to test whether the lamp is working properly.

Fifth, the battery replacement method:

1. Disconnect the AC220V AC, and remove the front cover or rear panel screws.

2) Remove the battery; 3) Replace the battery and fix it; 5) Then install it in the order of 2); 1).

6, light source replacement method:

If the light source is high brightness LED, please contact your local dealer or contact the manufacturer.

7, maintenance and maintenance:

Use cotton cloth and alcohol to wipe the shell of the emergency lamp. Do not use the water and gasoline, otherwise it will damage the lamp housing and other parts. Do not use under rain, humidity greater than 90% environment, corrosive environment.

Eight, shelf life:

This product warranty for 1 year and a half, from the date of the date of the product, such as the use of the process of failure, please contact the local dealer, the dealer can help you replace or repair immediately.

9, the date of production, product number: see the certificate.

10, Note:

1, before use, you must read this manual in order to start connected to AC power charging.

2, the main power supply of fire emergency lights should be a separate switch control, not ordinary lamps or other electrical power control switch.

3, lamps with nickel-plated batteries, battery pack in the venting state, should be said to charge about 18 hours before use.

4, when the need to replace the lamp, the light source and the company must provide the same parameters and parameters to replace the light source.

5, can only be replaced with the same specifications of the fuse.

6, after each use, must be immediately connected to the AC power AC220V, charging time of about 18 hours, for a long time do not, will affect the battery life, it is recommended that every three months charge, discharge time.

7, the user must be in the use of safety grounding symbol at the ground.

11, the installation method:

1, where the need for emergency lighting, light box corresponding to the nail hole behind the hole from the wall to fight 4 cm screws;

2, the double-headed lamp hanging on the screw has been set, to ensure a solid and reliable; fixed according to the need to adjust the angle of the lamp after the lamp head to prevent 360-degree rotation due to continuous damage to the lamp inside the wire, Do not force the unit to rotate, otherwise it will damage the 360 ​​° rotation preventing device.

3, connected to the main power supply, the lamp is to enter the main power light and charge state; and then press the analog button to test the lamp is working properly, the charge is completed, the working circuit will automatically turn off the main charge function, power failure automatically after the emergency state .