Fire emergency lights LED exit lights blackout household highlight safety | fire certification | emergency lighting

Fire emergency lights LED exit lights blackout household highlight safety | fire certification | emergency lighting

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Hangzhou Wanbao HANGCHENGWANBAO
  • Model: SGA02


Fire emergency lights for fire emergency lighting, fire emergency is the most common type of lighting tool, a long response time, high brightness with power automatic emergency functions. Fire emergency lamps have low power consumption, high brightness, long life and other characteristics, the edge of the design of the power switch and the finger was light for factories, hotels, schools, units and other public places to prepare for power outages for emergency lighting purposes.

Fire emergency lights fully upgraded

First, use:

This device is used to install in the general industrial and civil buildings in the fire emergency lighting to meet the sudden, accidental power outage when, after a power outage to provide lighting for the evacuation of personnel. This product is fully in accordance with the national standard GB17945-2010 standard design and manufacturing.

Second, the main technical indicators:

1, the input voltage: AC220V ± 10% 50 / 60HZ;

2, the output power: ≤3W;

3, surface brightness: ≥50lm (lm);

4, Emergency Light Source: High Brightness LED

5, emergency conversion time: ≤3 seconds;

6, the charging time: <24 hours;

7, emergency response time:> 90 minutes;

8, the use of ambient temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃;

9, protection class: lP30

10, the use of ambient air relative humidity: <90%;

11, the battery models and specifications: 3.6V800mAh nickel-cadmium battery pack (Jiangmen force Battery Co., Ltd.)

12, hold to the standard: GB17945-2010;

Third, the performance profile:

Main power: green lights, this LED is lit, the mains is normal (Note: This lamp has automatic voltage conversion circuit, if the mains voltage drops to about 150V, the light will turn from the main electrical state of emergency state, when the the mains voltage is increased to about 175V, the light will automatically restore the main power status by the state of emergency. when using this fixture, you should check the input AC voltage is normal.)

Charging: when the AC input lamps AC220V power supply circuit inside the lamp automatically to recharge the battery at the battery charging status, red indicator lights up when the battery is fully charged, the red charging indicator light turns off, fully charged circuit automatically transferred to the trickle float state, extended lamp life.

Fault: yellow light, yellow light under the following conditions will be lit;

1, the battery is not installed or the battery connection is not good contact;

2, the DC fuse open;

3, the light source is damaged or poor contact;

4, battery failure;

5, the battery capacity is not enough or light damage, monthly inspection, annual inspection can not automatically detect the fault indicator flashes and bee alarm, buzzer alarm once every minute until the fault is rectified.

Test button:

1, which is analogue resettable button on the main power supply failure, press the test button for 1 ~ 3 seconds into the simulation test status, state of emergency lighting into the simulation off automatically resume charging 3 seconds; according to test 3 to 5 seconds, enter monthly inspection analog detection state, automatically transferred to the state of emergency lighting, powered by a backup battery inside the light source 120 seconds after the main power resume charging; press the test button for 5 to 8 seconds to enter the annual simulated detection state, emergency lighting automatically transferred state, the internal backup battery power the light source, the emergency after 30 minutes automatically revert to the state of charge when the moon is not enough time to check the inspection contingency, fault indicator light and buzzer alarm once every minute until the fault is rectified.

2, as well as the test button and reset the emergency shutdown output function, in normal circumstances there is electricity, such as persistent press test button for 10 seconds or more, the circuit is reset, re-timing as lamp failure, removed, please continue to press the test button 10 reset; when the lamp into the state of emergency, continued to press the test button for 10 seconds or more, the emergency shutdown output.

Over-discharge protection: in the lamp circuit has an accurate over-discharge protection, when the battery voltage discharge to 80% of rated voltage (3V) when, over the circuit will cut off the discharge circuit, shut off the current to almost zero protection. battery to extend the lamp life.

The use of methods:

1, when connected to the AC input wires, refer to wiring diagram;

2, when connected to the mains AC220V, lighting was the main power status, just press the test button to test the lamp is working properly.

V. Battery Replacement:

1. Disconnect the AC AC220V, after opening the front cover plate or screws;

2. Remove the battery; 3) Replace the battery and fixed; 5) and follow 2); 1) the order of installation.

Sixth, the source Replacement:

High-brightness light source LED. Contact your local dealer when replacing the light source or by direct contact factory replacement.

Seven, maintenance and maintenance:

You can use cotton and alcohol wipes emergency lamp housing, be careful not to use thinner and gasoline will damage the lamp housing and other parts. Do not under rain, humidity greater than 90% of the environment, the use of corrosive environments.

Eight Shelf Life:

The product warranty for one and a half years, counting from the date of manufactured products such as failure in the course, please contact your local dealer, the dealer can help you replace or repair immediately.

Nine, the production date, product ID: See certificate.

X. Note:

1, before use, you must read this manual before attempting to connect the AC power supply charge.

2, the main power supply fire emergency lights should be individually switch control, is not an ordinary lamp or other electrical devices control the impact of the switch.

3, the lamp compartment preclude the use of nickel battery, the battery is emptying state, prior to use, said charging about 18 hours.

4, when the need to replace the lamp, the light source must and specifications are provided by the Company consistent light source replacement.

5. Use only the replacement fuse with the specifications.

6, after each use, must be immediately connected to AC power AC220V, charging time is about 18 hours long without resting, it will affect the battery life, it is recommended every three months charge and discharge time.

7, the user must be grounded in the use of flags in the ground a safe place.

XI, the installation method:

1, where the need for emergency lighting, light boxes corresponding to pitch behind the peg holes in the wall, lay the screws 4%;

2, the dual headlights have been hanging on to lay the screws shall ensure solid and reliable; after fixing regulate lamp irradiation angle required for preventing the cap due to continuous 360 degree rotation damaged wires inside the lamp, when the rotation of the female experience the force, do not force rotation. Doing so will damage the inner lamp holder set 360 degree rotation means to prevent.

3, connected to the main power supply, that is, into the main power lamp lights and charging status; then press the button simulation, test fixture is working properly, after charging is completed, operation of the circuit will automatically turn off the main charge function, power failure after the lamp automatically enter a state of emergency .