Fire horn button switch with suit | fire bell | alarm horn 220V | fire alarm

Fire horn button switch with suit | fire bell | alarm horn 220V | fire alarm

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: MYCN
  • Model: 1111

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  • product properties
  • Operating Voltage 9-30 (V)
    Alarm current 10 (mA)
    Detection angle 360
    Quiescent Current 50 (uA)
    Operating temperature 0-50 (℃)
    Detection range 10 (m)
    Transmission frequency 0 (MHZ)
    Scope Traditional Fire Alarm System
    Types of Manual alarm
  • product description
  • PW-212Traditional type manual fire (hereinafter referred to as the alarm button), the structure of elegant, easy to install wiring securely. When doing so confirmed fire, press the press sheet, you can send an alarm signal to the alarm button on the controller, the controller receives after the alarm signal, the alarm button will display information and sound an alarm, a fire extension telephone into the phone jack to communicate with a host phone. this product is suitable for hotels, restaurants, rooms, banks, shopping malls, warehouses, museums, libraries , office buildings as well as air humidity and other harsh environment locations.

  • Feature

    1Traditional manual alarm

    2.Recoverable manual alarm

    3.Software and hardware multi-stage filter, improved anti-jamming capability alarm button ,Good electromagnetic interference suppression

    4After pressing the press sheet, you can use the key to reset itself

    5A variety of colors

    6.meets the EN54-11standard

  • Technical Parameters

    1. Operating Voltage :Bus voltage: 9-30V

    2. Working current : (1) Quiescent current consumption 30V:50uA (2) Alarm current : 5-20mA

    3.Output capacity: Rated DC30V / 100mA Passive output signal contacts, contact resistance ≤100mW

    4.Start Part Type: Reusable

    5.Start: Press the manual press sheet

    6.Reset: reset with a special key

    7Status indication: Fire lights, red, shiny periodic inspection during normal, steady alarm, failure or irregular flashing light off

    10.Environment :Indoor temperature -10~ 50Relative humidity ≤95% RH , Non-condensing

    11.Housing materials and colors: ABS,Variety of colors

    12.Enclosure rating: IP41

    13.weight :approximately 125g(With stand)

    14.Dimensions: 85 * 85 * 38mm

    15.Standard: EN54-11, GB 19880-2005, GB 16806-2006