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Fire alarm with button switch sets | installed fire alarm bells | alarm bell bell button switch 220v

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: MYCN
  • Model: 1111

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  • product properties
  • Operating Voltage 9-30 (V)
    Alarm current 10 (mA)
    Detection angle 360
    Quiescent Current 50 (uA)
    Operating temperature 0-50 (℃)
    Detection distance 10 (m)
    Transmission frequency 0 (MHZ)
    Use range Traditional fire alarm system
    Types of Manual alarm
  • product description
  • PW-212Type manual fire alarm button (hereinafter referred to as the alarm button), beautiful structure, convenient and reliable installation wiring when the artificial confirmation of the fire, press the alarm button on the film, you can send an alarm signal to the controller, the controller This product is suitable for hotels, restaurants, computer rooms, banks, shopping malls, warehouses, museums, shopping malls, shopping malls, shopping malls, museums and so on, Libraries, office buildings and air humidity and other harsh environments.

  • Features

    1The traditional manual alarm

    2.Recoverable manual alarm

    3.Hardware and software multi-level filtering, improve the alarm button anti-jamming capability ,The electromagnetic interference has a good ability to suppress

    4Press the key to reset it

    5Multiple colors available

    6.meets the EN54-11standard

  • Technical Parameters

    1. Operating Voltage :Bus voltage: 9-30V

    2. Working current : (1) Quiescent current consumption 30V:50uA (2) Alarm current : 5-20 mA

    3.Output Capacity: Rated DC30V / 100mA Passive output contact signal, contact resistance ≤100 mW

    4.Starting Part Type: Reusable

    5.Start mode: Press the button manually

    6.Reset mode: Reset with special key

    7. Status indication: fire light, red, periodic inspection when the normal flashing, after the alarm light, fault light or irregular flashing

    10.Use of the environment :Indoor, temperature -10~ 50, Relative humidity ≤95% RH , No condensation

    11.Housing Material and Color: ABS,Various colors are available

    12.Enclosure rating: IP41

    13.weight :approximately 125g(With the base)

    14.Dimensions: 85 * 85 * 38mm

    15.Implementation of standards: EN54-11, GB 19880-2005, GB 16806-2006