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Maintenance-free battery | lead-acid battery | UPS power | solar battery 12V65AH

Maintenance-free battery | lead-acid battery | UPS power | solar battery 12V65AH
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Bosin
  • Model: BXXDC1265
  • Suitable for: lighting

Product desciption

1) using a unique production process and special structural design to ensure the safety of battery use and sealing.

2) maintenance-free: a unique gas and then the compound system can produce the gas and then combined into water, adsorption-type fiber separator, no compensation in the life of the electro-hydraulic.

3) low self-discharge: the use of good corrosion resistance of the special lead-calcium alloy grid, the self-discharge control at a minimum, room temperature 25 ℃ storage, can be within six months do not need to add electricity.

4) Temperature: -10 ° C to 40 ° C

5) Installation: according to the user's requirements to put, lying to install the way.

6) longevity design: the use of corrosion-resistant structure of heavy lead-calcium alloy plate, to ensure the battery's float life.

Product parameters

'Voltage' 12V

'Capacitance' 65ah

'Weight' 20kg

'Life' normal use of 3-5 years

'Maintenance' Maintenance-free

'Size' 350 * 166 * 179mm (L * W * H)


1) Installation, use and maintenance process, the battery shall not be short-circuit, not inverted use, should use insulating tools, and with insulated gloves to prevent electric shock and cause a short circuit.

2) battery abnormalities, should be handled by professionals or contact with the manufacturer, prohibited unauthorized removal and maintenance.

3) The product should be charged in a dedicated charging system, charging system, the DC output voltage fluctuations should not be more than one percent positive and negative.

4) Prohibit the use of gasoline, thinner and other organic solvents to clean the battery, otherwise it will damage the battery shell.

5) Long time overcharge (overcharge) will shorten battery life; long time too low charging (not enough) will affect the load work or lead to abnormal voltage. Charge is best to use constant current limiting charger. Do not charge in parallel, otherwise (Red), negative (black) charging clip corresponding to clip the battery, do not reverse. Charging, the first turn off the power switch, and then take the battery clip.

6) The battery can not be short-circuit the two poles, the shell is strictly prohibited collision, charging and discharging process is best to keep the legislation placed, can not be placed in the honeycomb sealed battery space, must be kept ventilated.

7) Please try to use constant current constant voltage battery charger.