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Fuse XRNT-12 / 6.3-40-10-16-20-25A high-voltage current limiting fuse XRNT1-10KV

Fuse XRNT-12 / 6.3-40-10-16-20-25A high-voltage current limiting fuse XRNT1-10KV
Product code: 29232600030
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: the melting
  • Model: XRNT-12 / 6.3-40


1. This product is heavier, the default hair logistics, freight consulting customer service negotiations.

2Why do you pipe your product? This product is ceramic material, fragile goods! Please sign the item when the buyer to open the packaging to see if the melting tube is damaged, if damaged, please contact the customer service, to provide physical product damage photos! Melt promise to sign receipt of goods found broken, to provide product photos are directly replacement ; Not for anything else, only for the best shopping mood; do not worry about buying three broken two how to do. (Note : You pro-sign must check whether the product is intact, if the receipt is damaged, then it will not replace the Oh ~)

3. Some people may ask, you say so when it will not be re-issued it.It is believed that we do not have to worry about our melting is the day cat's flagship store, Margin only have 100000 yuan Of course, the money on the side of your pipe tens of hundreds of dollars. I believe that if there are often people who use the tube will often encounter no fuse after the replacement of manufacturers of the situation, or directly to no deal with the buyers encounter this business there is no way, only to bear the loss.

Believe in the people melt, choose people melt!

Factory direct sales , Non-ordinary workshop products, day cat shopping, have the honor to see the pro, do not hesitate Oh, the product quality and reliable, please rest assured purchase 7 days unconditional return support and provide genuine guarantee and brand service.

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