Than mobile phone waterproof bag OPPOR7S/R7plus/R9plus General diving cover spa swimming

Than mobile phone waterproof bag OPPOR7S/R7plus/R9plus General diving cover spa swimming

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Color: sky blue small blue large orange small Orange Queen blue small blue large yellow large King size yellow trumpet khaki khaki small white small white large King size small purple Queen red large purple pink trumpet pink red small blue large blue small frosted large frosted small black small black large
  • Brand: tteoobl/
  • Item no: T-9H
  • Origin: China
  • Applying gender: Unisex
  • Hanging price: 158
  • Outdoor sports project: river rafting trips
  • Time to market: spring 2015

Huge benefits at the end brand direct
Each special 500 (limited) sent lanyard + armband
Mainland pass in the mail courier, now do not buy for the summer when prices!
Small waterproof bag for a 5.2-inch mobile
For example: iPhone4/5/6S (not plus), Millet, 4C, Samsung S3/S4, Meizu MX3, why China P7/P8
Large waterproof bag support 6.3-inch screen mobile phone universal
IPhone6Plus, red rice Note2, Samsung Note3/4, magic blue Note2, 1S, why China mate7/8

If you can't accurately judge the parameter size can Baidu phone to phone in do the right outsourcing .Choose the more suitable waterproof jacket. Than Mobile phone waterproof bag, focusing on waterproof 11 grade practical, reliable, and are you deserve to have a waterproof phone equipment

Explanation 1: On why some customers think thin, waterproof bags, false perception: Pro, This product uses the high-p v c materials production, environmental, water resistant 3 0 p x 8 and after I certified, please rest assured that our friends to buy; Stated with thin, waterproof strength has nothing to do with the thick, with adhesive bonding technology, than with 1 0 waterproof field-focused brand, has a wealth of experience, please rest assured purchase.