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DDR3 1600 overclocking desktop memory 4G

DDR3 1600 overclocking desktop memory 4G
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: AData / DATA VIA DDR3 ...
  • Brand: AData / DATA
  • A-DATA Model: Game Veyron DDR3 1600 4G single
  • Suitable for: desktop
  • Memory capacity: 4GB
  • Transmission type: DDR3
  • Memory frequency: 1600MHz
  • Combination: single
  • Condition: New
  • After-sales service: Genius


Pro, now because of the manufacturers to replace the memory packaging Wei Gang cardboard, so we replaced in the old and new, so the pro who received the goods such as cardboard and pictures, please do not worry Oh!

Taking into account the old and new models can use the 1600 memory, allowing the computer to use the 1600 when the first boot, so the default will be set to 1333 A-DATA to ensure that the computer boot, boot settings in the BIOS memory option directly Select the XMP program can be saved.

1: pro this is Desktop memory , Not to be confused with the notebook ah, the desktop than the notebook to be long;

2: DDR2 DDR2 memory and 3 generations of DDR3 memory slot is not the same, pro who also do not confuse, after testing a good shot, this is 4G DDR3 1600 desktop game player Veyron single article ; If the pro who bought the wrong model that the freight is not refundable, and the refund can only lose 10 yuan shipping;

3: in order to avoid delay time and money before buying to do homework Oh, Master Master or 360 with Lu master computer memory under your computer model, 64-bit system to identify more than 3g capacity, 32-bit system can only recognize about 3g, To see how much their computer supports memory, remember that this is Desktop memory !

Pro, because compatibility issues are not unilateral so we can not be sure that compatibility must be no problem, but the compatibility of the A-DATA brand is still very good.We do not affect our second sale of the case, within seven days Returns, if it is compatibility issues you want to return to the freight Oh, thank you pro understanding!