AData / DATA | Game Veyron 4g DDR3 1600 memory overclocking desktop memory 4G

AData / DATA | Game Veyron 4g DDR3 1600 memory overclocking desktop memory 4G

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: AData / DATA game Veyron DDR3 ...
  • Brand: AData / DATA
  • DATA Model: Veyron DDR3 1600 4G game alone
  • Suitable for: Desktop
  • Memory Capacity: 4GB
  • Transmission Type: DDR3
  • Memory Frequency: 1600MHz
  • Combination forms: single
  • Condition: New
  • Service: Genius


Pro, is due to replace the factory-DATA memory packaging cardboard, so we are in new and replacement, so parents who received the goods, such as paper jams and different pictures, please do not worry Oh!!

Taking into account the new and old models can use the 1600 memory allows the computer to use for the first time in 1600 when the normal boot, so DATA defaults to 1333, in order to ensure that the computer boot, the boot can be set directly in the BIOS memory options select XMP program can be saved.

One: This is a pro Desktop memory , Not to be confused ah notebook, desktop longer than notebook;

II: 2nd generation of DDR2 memory and three generations of DDR3 memory slots are not the same, do not confuse pro after the test well in the film, this is 4G DDR3 1600 desktop machine game Veyron single memory module ; If the parents who buy the wrong model refund that freight is not returned to the, the refund can only lose $ 10 freight;

Three: to avoid delays pro time and money to do the next homework before buying Oh, Master Lu or 360 hardware master measure under your computer's memory model, 64 more than the capacity of the system to recognize 3g, 32-bit system can only identify about 3g, depends on your own computer support much memory, remember this is Desktop memory !

Pro, because the problem is not compatible with unilateral So we can not say for sure compatibility certainly no problem, but ADATA brand compatibility is very good. Without prejudice to the second sale we can within seven days return, if it is compatible with your question to return to the freight Oh, thank you parents for their understanding!