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Kingston DDR3 1333 2G notebook memory | Compatible 1066 2GB

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: KingSton / Kingston laptop ...
  • Brand: Kingston / Kingston
  • Model: Notebook DDR3 1333 2G memory
  • Suitable for: notebook
  • Memory capacity: 2GB
  • Transmission Type: DDR3
  • Memory Frequency: 1333MHz
  • Combination forms: single
  • Condition: New
  • Service: Genius

Genuine Kingston DDR3 1333 2G notebook memory compatible 2GB 10700 1066


NOTE: Kingston official free rights and Enquiries: 8008101972 (fixed-line subscribers) 4008101972 (cell phone users)

2G DDR3 1333 notebook memory parameters:

model kingston / Kingston 2G DDR3 1333
For Type notebook
Memory Type DDR3 (three generations)
Memory Capacity 2G (single)
Number of pins 204pin
Performance parameters
Chip distribution 16 double-sided and double-sided 8 chip chip
Memory frequency DDR3 1333 (PC3-10600)
Particles package FBGA
Memory voltage 1.5V
ECC check not support
package style Boxed
After Sale Free lifetime warranty, guaranteed

As the world's largest independent manufacturer of memory one , Kingston memory modules are produced, with stable performance, excellent compatibility is known, so the user has a very good reputation in the market. Its products are mainly for desktop users overclocking HyperX series and Value RAM series for the average user. this is one for ordinary users of Kingston Kingston Value RAM.

Original FSB DDR3 1333 memory for the new laptop (must be supported by three generations oh);
We guarantee that the products sold are genuine, and the three-year replacement warranty time, enjoy lifetime warranty service and free Genius!


1, DDR represented a generation of memory, DDR2 is the representative of the second generation of memory, DDR3 memory on behalf of three generations.
2, Kingston 512M DDR 400 desktop memory '400' is the frequency mean! Common memory frequencies of 266, 333, 400, 533, 667, 800, 1066, etc ...... frequency. The higher the frequency, the faster!
3, the best memory you want to use the same model, same size, same frequency as well, so your system can be more stable.

4, commonly used memory is DDR, DDR2, DDR3 points, three kinds of memory can not be mixed, make sure before making use of their computer what type of memory, what frequency.
5. If you are not sure what their computer memory! Can use the following 'CPU-Z' software detects, thank you!

After running the software to see the 'SPD' option 'maximum bandwidth' section, you will see 'PCxx00', as follows:

DDR is 'a generation of memory' frequency 266 333 400 specifications
PC2100 memory is DDR 266
PC2700 memory is DDR 333
PC3200 memory is DDR 400

DDR2 is the 'second generation memory' frequency 533 667 800 specifications
PC2-4200 is DDR2 533 memory
PC2-4300 is DDR2 533 memory
PC2-5300 is DDR2 667 memory
PC2-6400 is DDR2 800 memory

DDR3 is the 'third generation memory' frequency 106613331600
PC3-8500 is DDR3 1066/1067 memory
PC3-10600 DDR3 1333 memory is
PC3-10700 DDR3 1333 memory is
PC3-12800 DDR3 1600 memory is

Product authenticity verification

Welcome to the Kingston memory / digital product validation site!

You can check the authenticity of this product, and also register their personal purchasing information, enjoy the Kingston factory warranty rights.

Kingston in the world has become synonymous with high-quality storage products. Her rapid growth in Asia, that is a very obvious example.
Kingston using the best quality components, strict engineering and 100% testing and all memory cards and digital products have a lifetime warranty. (PC Card and Related Datatraveler 3, 5 year warranty)

However, like other global companies with quality products, like Kingston high brand recognition rate in the Asian market, it is inevitable to be forged. Kingston Kingston has found counterfeit brand imitations.

In order to protect the interests of its clients and Kingston's high-quality brand image, we are here to provide a can verify immediately that you have purchased the Kingston product is genuine website.

Address: http://www.kingston.com/china/verify2010/moduleversion_selection.asp

Kingston ValueRAM products

You are now in the purchase value, there is a good selection of high quality Memory: Kingston ValueRAM is the best alternative to the standard ValueRAM memory is produced by the Kingston Technology Company, and the first choice for many well-known OEM manufacturers Provide. lifetime guarantee, the use of quality materials, and 100% of the test, ValueRAM offers a wide range of product lines, it is to seek economic system integration engineers and freedoms brand (white box) the best choice for consumers.

Oriented quality specifications, assurance of supply:
All ValueRAM are designed to meet or exceed the JEDEC Solid State Technology Assoication standards. Also meet the industry standard set for SDRAM, RAMbus and other advanced memory technology in line with ISO 9001 certification, Kingston rigorous review of all material components suppliers, including DRAM, PCB, resistors, capacitors and the like.

Design and engineering validation test
Like all ValueRAM memory Kingston memory products undergo rigorous testing process to ensure product stability, integration, and compatibility of all new modules are designed through a series of evaluation and testing, including:

  • Standard Certification
    Kingston engineers designed the module to confirm reaches OEM manufacturers or industry bodies like JEDEC set engineering specifications. To ensure accuracy through the certification process and, in particular Kingston invested millions of dollars in testing equipment and software patents.
  • Signal quality and integration testing
    Kingston memory technology laboratory use motherboards and high-speed oscilloscope test electronic signal into the memory module case. Analysis time and waveform displays signal quality characteristics and integration of a module, which can be used to estimate module design and quality materials.
  • Stability test
    Products have been thousands of precise thermal cycling, thousands of hours of temperature and humidity stress test and a series of voltage and temperature GuardBand test.