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Sony / Sony | Mobile hard drive 1T USB3.0 high-speed 3.0 2.5-inch metal encryption 1TB HD-E1

Sony / Sony | Mobile hard drive 1T USB3.0 high-speed 3.0 2.5-inch metal encryption 1TB HD-E1
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Sony / Sony HD-E1
  • Time to market: 2013
  • Brand: Sony / Sony
  • Model: HD-E1
  • Shell material: metal
  • Package type: official standard
  • Whether external power supply: no external power supply
  • Color classification: silver black pink light gray
  • Capacity: 1TB
  • Condition: New
  • Interface type: USB3.0
  • Size: 2.5 inches

Preface: USB3.0 mobile hard disk advantages:

First, USB3.0 mobile hard disk transfer speed is theoretically USB2.0 mobile hard disk more than 5 times

Second, the new computer began to universal USB3.0 interface, USB2.0 interface will exit the stage of history;

Third, USB3.0 mobile hard drive more power, hard drive to run more stable!

Fourth, USB3.0 mobile hard disk compatible USB2.0 interface!

specification : 2.5-inch portable USB3.0 mobile hard drive (only USB data cable connection, no power)

Cache : 8MB Speed: 5400 r / min

Interface Type : USB3.0 (compatible with USB2.0, 3.0 transmission speed increased about 3 times)
USB3.0 computer interface using the reference speed theoretical value (Mb / s): read: 70MB / s, write: 66MB / s

capacity : 1TB (1000G)

Compatibility instructions : The factory hard disk format for NTFS format! Can be directly in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7 and other Windows systems. For use on MAC computers , To be formatted into FAT32 format, and stored A single file size must be within 4G!

After-sales service : National special repair station with the SN code UNPROFOR three years, three years of non-human hard drive failure, can be a free replacement!

Standard content : Hard drive, a USB 3.0 data cable, simple manual (standard data line is short, only 40cm or so, the desktop can be purchased with 1 m 3.0 line with the use)

Q: Why is the hard drive USB port and the common before the same ah?

A: The latest USB3.0 hard drive interface (hard disk interface) and the traditional USB2.0 hard drive is not the same (2.0 interface is T-type, 3.0 is a long flat type, all USB3.0 hard drives are Unified specifications), USB3.0 hard disk interface are like this, do not think that the hard disk interface design is not universal Oh!

Q: capacity is wrong, buy 500G mobile hard disk, the actual only 465G?
A: Hello, computer equipment is calculated binary, that is, to convert each other in 1024. Hard disk is calculated decimal.There are a number of U disk and storage media, they are interchangeable in 1000 for the Such as hard disk capacity 500G / 1.024 / 1.024 / 1.024 = 465G in the computer display capacity, other such as U disk desktop hard drives and other storage devices are the same (other capacity pro and so on)

Q: hard drive warranty for several years?
A: Hello, the mobile hard disk warranty for three years, the product quality problems within three years, no appearance damage, no damage, no product label tear, can be a normal warranty. Warranty pro can find us, or find manufacturers, or Is the agent maintenance point of insurance. Of course we find more direct and convenient, can be directly Want to contact us!

Q: How to do data loss within the hard drive, hard disk data manufacturers warranty?
A: Hello, any storage device (including desktop hard drive, U disk, mobile hard disk, etc.), all manufacturers do not provide data on its warranty or recovery services, where parents must be aware of certain important data must be good Multi-backup Oh! So pro in the purchase as much as possible to select the original authentic mobile hard disk, use pro-as far as possible attention to earthquake and other work

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