Sony / Sony | Mobile Hard 1T USB3.0 High Speed ​​3.0 2.5 inch metal encryption 1TB HD-E1

Sony / Sony | Mobile Hard 1T USB3.0 High Speed ​​3.0 2.5 inch metal encryption 1TB HD-E1

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Sony / Sony HD-E1
  • Time to market: Before 2013
  • Brand: Sony / Sony
  • Model: HD-E1
  • Housing material: Metal
  • Package Type: official standard
  • Whether external power supply: no external power supply
  • Color Category: Silver Black Pink
  • Capacity: 1TB
  • Service: Genius
  • Condition: New
  • Interface Type: USB3.0
  • Size: 2.5 inches
  • Extended Interface: No

Preface: USB3.0 mobile hard disk advantages:

First, USB3.0 mobile hard disk transfer rate is theoretically more than five times the USB2.0 mobile hard disk

Second, the new computer began to spread USB3.0 interface, USB2.0 interface will exit the stage of history;

Third, USB3.0 mobile hard drive more power, hard drive and more stable!

Fourth, USB3.0 compatible USB2.0 interface mobile hard disk!

specification : 2.5 inch Portable USB3.0 HDD (only USB cable connection, no power)

Caching : 8MB Speed: 5400 r / min

Interface Type : USB3.0 (compatible with USB2.0, 3.0 transmission speed about 3 times)
USB3.0 computer interface using the reference speed theoretical value (Mb / s): read: 70MB / s, write: 66MB / s

capacity : 1TB (1000G)

Compatibility Statement : Factory drive is formatted NTFS format can be used directly on a Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7 and other Windows systems!. For use on a MAC computer , To be formatted into FAT32 format and stored Single file size must be less than 4G!

Service : Sony authorized service stations nationwide with SN code UNPROFOR three years, within three years of non-human hard drive failure, a new one for free!

Standard Content : Hard drive, a USB 3.0 cable, simple instructions (standard data line is shorter, only about 40cm, can be added using the desktop line available with the use of 1 m 3.0)

Q: Why is the hard drive's USB port and not the same as before the common ah?

A: The latest USB3.0 hard disk interface (the interface on the hard disk) and traditional USB2.0 hard disk is not the same (2.0 interface is a T-shaped, is 3.0 prolate, are all USB3.0 hard disk ), USB3.0 hard disk interface are so unified specification, do not think that is the hard drive interface design is not universal, oh!

Q: how does the capacity to buy the mobile hard disk 500G, actually, only 465G?
Answer: Calculation Hello, computer equipment is binary, it is into 1024 as the mutual conversion rate calculation method as well as the hard drive is a decimal number and U disk storage media, they are interchangeable to 1000. feed rate, such as hard disk capacity 500G / 1.024 / 1.024 / 1.024 = 465G capacity in the computer display, others such as U disk sets of hard drive and other storage devices is true. (capacity other parent also infer)

Q: The hard disk warranty few years?
A: Hello, this mobile hard drive three-year warranty, the product has quality problems within three years, without the appearance of damage, no damage, no product label torn, can be normal warranty warranty pro can come to us, or to find manufacturers, or. Paul is a proxy service point. Of course, we are looking for more direct convenient, you can contact us directly Want!

Q: how do the hard disk data loss, hard drive data manufacturers have warranty?
A: Hello, any storage device (including machine hard drive, U disk, mobile hard disk, etc.), not all manufacturers provide their data recovery service within the warranty or, where pro MUST know for sure some data is particularly important to do multiple backup oh! so parents who try to choose the time of purchase genuine original mobile hard disk, also please parents who try to avoid shock when using the work

  • Protect your important files for your data to lock!
The Windows software uses password-protected file in the device; you pay attention to carry files on the device, the device is protected; and even if you lose the device, you can still ensure that important documents are protected by a secure password; the software can unlock reply from any computer via password to read and write functions; you can also split into two magnetic domain, there is a password-protected, and the other did not; the software supports up to AES 256-bits encryption standard .
  • Let transmission speed acceleration!
The Windows software can speed read and write files from the device speed; simple to install, easy to use, write speed greatly improved, especially the more powerful lift for the write speed of small files; you can make ordinary USB3.0 Interface, the maximum transmission speed of up to 3 times.
  • Smart backup your files!
The Windows software can back up your computer's internal hard drive of all files. Files can periodically back up the internal hard disk. Providing (automatic classification backup) and (optional file backup) two backup modes, all-round care for different backup requirements. Providing ( connect the device automatically backup), (press keyboard hotkeys to start the backup), (scheduled backup), (press the key to start the backup USB device backup) four backup drive. easy to use, just connect an external hard disk PC, backup Manager starts automatically scan and sort files backed up every time a restore point each were recorded, the user can easily select any day to restore the backup. the backup software can only modify the past, just add the file, saving the backup time and space equipment, to achieve incremental backup. with AES encryption, to ensure that important documents from disclosure. provide a backup of my favorite features, easy to carry Useful links.
  • FAT32 format easily!
The Windows software can use this device formatted to FAT32 file system.
When an external hard drive formatted using this software can be applied to support the FAT32 file system hardware.
However, if you are using hardware provided inside formatting function, be sure to use your hardware provides functionality to format the external hard disk, the hard disk in order to ensure compatibility with the hardware.