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Zensun | super phone music as 2 headphone music 1S pro max2 X500 X620 Universal Ear Earphones

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Product parameters:

  • Product name: Bright green super phone
  • Wearing styles: ear
  • Compatible Platform: ANDROID Windows Phone iOS
  • Package Type: official standard
  • Whether wire: Yes
  • Color Category: White Black round wire round wire flat white flat wire black wire cable + white circle round black storage box storage box white flat cable + cable + storage box storage box black flat cable +
  • Wire headset Brand: Ze Health
  • Model: super phone
  • Wire headset nature: the brand of non-original

Pro! First, please allow me to waste your two minutes to introduce baby.

A selling point , This paragraph is ear design, noise effects, and wear comfortable, long wearing and will not hurt feature: You can adjust the volume, wire cut songs, and receive calls, reject calls, and so when the press calls, a lot of useful features.

Selling two , This paragraph headset biggest feature is the 3D surround sounds very superior, transparent treble, bass powerful overall experience effect than the phone comes with a headset at least twice (including the official flagship store $ 99 headphones engine) in this imitation of the original era of rampant, also 20 a few dollars, pro, do not imitate this experience to our house. recommended audition song (hotel California, ferries, etc., lossless sound quality is better.)

Selling point three Support for 15 days no reason to return Our default through courier