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Early cotton shirt 2017 spring new women's bottom cowboy shirt women long sleeve cotton denim shirt

Early cotton shirt 2017 spring new women's bottom cowboy shirt women long sleeve cotton denim shirt
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Product parameters:

  • Material composition: cotton 100%
  • Item No .: S6300
  • Clothing version type: Slim
  • Style: Commuter
  • Commute: art
  • Length: medium long section
  • Sleeve: long sleeve
  • Sleeve: conventional
  • Collar type: POLO collar
  • Clothing placket: single row more buckle
  • pattern: plain
  • Brand: early cotton
  • Ingredients: 96% and above
  • Texture: cotton
  • Applicable age: 25-29 years old
  • Year Season: Spring of 2017
  • Color classification: dark blue light blue
  • Size: S M L XL

Denim shirt as a wild fashion holy goods, its uninhibited breath by many people pro-Lai,

Original work, the original cotton real sense of the classic models, sales of more than fifty thousand, still maintained 4.9Points praise.

If you have a choice of obstacles, this one should be a good choice, at least there are a lot of immortals like and recognized.

Cotton black peony comfortable fabric

Selection is still early cotton long-term cooperation in professional denim brand Black peony fabric , Quality assurance,

Cotton Fabric is not like the general denim rough and hard feeling, the thickness of moderate feel soft and delicate,

Style hardness and softness, both cowboy tannin-style tough, but also no lack of fresh and soft,

To create such a product phase is not easy, light damage rate is several times the ordinary models,

High cost, strict process requirements, most of the industry are so it avoids it.

But the early cotton is willing to pursue less and beautiful boutique, the concept of aesthetic life will be carried out into each piece of clothing.

Wash the white nostalgic atmosphere

after Multiple complex processes washed , So that the fabric showing a natural uniform whitening effect,

Seemingly casual level of style, pure washing process achievements for the shirt to add a touch of nostalgic temperament.

Whether it is smooth piping, or High quality matte gem deduction , Or the mouth of the light and the edge of the process,

All the details are in the high standards of excellence, restrained quality sense has been no need to say, the upper body can feel.

PS: the same factory for the different batches of the system, the main mark at the mouth slightly different, but the fabric is completely consistent,

Did not affect the wearing experience, merchandise random delivery, mind who carefully shot Oh