Guangzhou Fengyuan notebook computer screen protection film Lenovo ASUS Dell radiation anti-reflective 14-inch 15.6

Guangzhou Fengyuan notebook computer screen protection film Lenovo ASUS Dell radiation anti-reflective 14-inch 15.6

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Canton Fengyuan
  • Model: 001
  • Size: 15 inches
  • Color: 13.3 inch 16: 9 Run blue film (2 piece) 14 inch 16: 9 Run blue film (2 pieces) 15.6 inch 16: 9 Run blue film (2 piece) 14 inch 16: 9 (1 piece) 13.3 inch 16: 9 high-definition scratch protection (1 piece) 13.3 inch 16: 9 high-definition anti-scratch (2pcs) 15.6 inch 16: 9 High Scratch Resistant (2pcs) 13.3 inch 16: 9 Scratch Resistant (2pcs) 14 inch 16: 16: 9 Matte anti-reflective (2 pcs) do not know the size of the requested size of the control table HD (2 piece) Please leave a message notebook model
  • Size: 15 inches
  • Item No .: 001

As the screensaver film cost more expensive, better function, so please do not and customer service bargaining, this is a waste of their time, thank the pro with the!

Please compare the size of the buyer to buy, so as not to size does not match the size of the brand notebook may be slightly error, and can not guarantee that all brands of all models without error, please understand the buyer.

Note: In order to paste the film on the screen without bubbles, please be sure to film before the screen clean up very, very clean, a little bit of dust are not (there is a fly ash with a bubble Oh), please buyers themselves Oh, grasp


Good quality screen protection film a total of three, after the end of the paste should be removed after the two layers, leaving only the middle layer just fine

Run Yan blue film:

Blue light is beneficial to eye health, because the nature of the various objects of color, light absorption and reflection levels are different.

Modern technology has also proved that, Blue eyes moisturizing protective film Not only can reduce the strong light on the eyes of the direct stimulation, but also a greater degree of absorption of the eye damage a great deal of ultraviolet light blue eye shadow, can make the eyes have a very comfortable feeling.

Scientists have experimented with changes in the color of the human brain waves with the color of the brain found that the response of the red wave is alert to the blue is to relax the blue and green nature is given to the human psychological sedative people have such Experience, when the mood irritability, to the park or the beach to see, the mood will soon restore calm, this is the blue and green on the psychological regulation of these tones also help reduce skin temperature, reduce pulse frequency, lower blood pressure , Reduce the burden on the heart and so on.

So, when you work for a day you feel physically and mentally exhausted. Stress .Tension, the appropriate contact with these two colors will have the nerve .Synergism, relieve fatigue .Especially the natural green to dizziness .Tired. Nausea and negative emotions have a certain role.Therefore, the combination of Blu-ray Eye Mask technology in order to develop research and development of blue-ray eye-screen film effectively protect the eye's vision.

1. Products using PET material, a new generation of high-transparent LCD screen protection of special materials;

2. The protective film surface by wear-resistant anti-scratch treatment, wear-resistant strength is high;

3. Protective film by UV treatment, to avoid ultraviolet radiation on the eyes and skin damage, play a radiation protection function;

4. Transmittance of 98%, paste the screen more clearly realistic.

Experts advise: poor quality liquid crystal film

1, Attached to the screen will be very vague, a direct impact on your vision.

2, And once you have to remove it after a long time you will find a thick layer of glue residue on your host screen, to clean him is not easy to do, and sometimes accidentally or even Will hurt the screen;

3, Wear resistance is not high, the use of liquid crystal film is very short;

4, Poor light transmittance of the LCD film will hurt the eyes

Careful point, I believe you will be able to paste the good!