Green card modern minimalist living room sofa backdrop decorative painting three-dimensional paintings framed European-style triple bedroom mural

Green card modern minimalist living room sofa backdrop decorative painting three-dimensional paintings framed European-style triple bedroom mural

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Lulin Arts & Cralts / green
  • Frame number: triple
  • Painting core material: Canvas
  • Mounting way: Framed
  • Frame material: wood frame
  • Color Classification: LPM1004 LPM1003 LPM1006 LPM1001 LPM1009 LPM1008 LPM1002 LPM1005 LPM1007
  • Style: European
  • Process: Printing
  • Combination: is framed well, customers can freely mix
  • Image Format: perspective
  • Pattern: plant flowers
  • Size: 30 * 40 bottles box boxes installed 40 cm * 50 cm installed box 50X60 cm, single-price bottles box 60 * 80 cm
  • Frame Type: environmentally friendly wood frame single price
  • Product Number: LPM001

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There are patterns: flowers, figures, still life, animals, cartoons, movies, numbers, letters, landscapes, abstract, etc.

Process are: hand-painted, inkjet printing, etc.

Picture form: three-dimensional, flat

Decorative ways: framed, frameless

Types are: 30mm, 25mm

Venue: living room, bedroom, room, dining room, kitchen, dining room, porch, hallway, bed, hotel, hotels and other places of entertainment