Storm glass | Weather Bottle | display storm bottle ornaments wedding gift ideas Valentine's Day birthday gift

Storm glass | Weather Bottle | display storm bottle ornaments wedding gift ideas Valentine's Day birthday gift

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Menelaus
  • Appearance: Pear
  • Color Classification: Small + gift bags large + gift bag big + gift bag + lettering in B + gift bag + lettering C da + gift bag + lettering in D + gift bag + lettering in E + gift bag + lettering in F + gift bag + lettering in G + gift bag + lettering H large + gift bag + lettering I da + gift bag + lettering large J + gift bag + lettering K da + gift bag + lettering L da + gift bag + lettering M da + gift bag + lettering large N + gift bag + lettering O da + gift bag + lettering P da + gift bag + lettering Q da + gift bag + lettering R da + gift bag + lettering S big + gift bag + lettering large T + gift bag + lettering Great gift bag + U + V small lettering wooden base + + + gift bag gift bags large lettering A +
  • Material: Glass
  • Item: Bottle weather forecast
  • Applicable space: the courtyard
  • Style: Simple Modern
  • Features: Weather forecast
  • Decoration Type: Desktop Decoration

Shooting notes: If you are using the PC browsing this baby, you will see a period of three minutes I shot video. 1 minute and 40 seconds before the shot is to get the bottle from the cold outdoors into a warm, real-time recording studio, which lasted a hour, 1 minute and 40 seconds after the recording is different forms of crystals appear in the 21 days. looked up a lot of information, it is said in the 19th century weather forecast bottle was invented by the British Admiral Robert FitzRoy, which contains distilled water, ethanol, nitric acid potassium, chloride and 5 weight solution of camphor, five kinds of liquid crystallization temperature are not the same, but not the same crystal form, so basically by crystallization temperatures roughly the shape respectively. Further information was found in the science, can affect crystal changes there are two factors, one is the pressure and the other is temperature, weather forecast bottle was invented in the era of sailing, it main function is the equivalent of a real-time weather forecasts machine, the temperature is very important for fishermen, but also with warm migratory fish animals, forecast bottle helps fishermen to track fish. However, when the storm there will be significant changes in atmospheric pressure, but is not sensitive to human pressure, fishermen might be able to observe that the bottle, coupled with experience to guess whether there is a storm, it is envisaged without so cold, a fine crystalline crystals appear, the bottle of water is also a slight rise, then the description at elevated pressure, the storm may be coming. shooting summary, the bottle is very sensitive to temperature, pressure needs very careful observation, to familiar with its variation, you need a long long time!

Pro trumpet storm glass also has wood base it! Side can be engraved text, To purchase, please contact customer service!