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Weather bottle | weather bottle | show the storm bottle Valentine's Day gift ideas Decoration wedding birthday gift

Weather bottle | weather bottle | show the storm bottle Valentine's Day gift ideas Decoration wedding birthday gift
Product code: 28903000030
Unit price 3.19-4$
Sold quantity 7800
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Menelaus
  • Appearance: water droplets
  • Color classification: small + gift bag large + gift bag large + gift bag + lettering B + large + gift bag + lettering C + large + gift bag + lettering D large + gift bag + lettering E large + gift bag + lettering F large + gift bag + Lettering G + gift bag + lettering H + gift bag + lettering I large + gift bag + lettering J + gift bag + lettering K + gift bag + lettering L large + gift bag + lettering M + Lettering N large + gift bag + lettering O large + gift bag + lettering P large + gift bag + lettering Q large + gift bag + lettering R large + gift bag + lettering S large + gift bag + lettering T large + gift bag + lettering U + gift bag + lettering V small + wooden base + gift bag + gift bag + lettering A
  • Material: Glass
  • NO .: weather forecast bottle
  • Applicable space: Garden
  • Style: simple and modern
  • Function: forecast the weather
  • Decoration type: Desktop Decoration

Shooting Notes: If you use the PC side to browse this baby, you will see me shooting a 3 minutes of video 1 minute and 40 seconds before the film is the cold from the outside of the room into a warm studio recording of real-time, Many hours, 1 minute and 40 seconds later recorded 21 days, the crystal appeared in different forms.Look a lot of information, said the weather forecast bottle in the 19th century by the British Admiral Robert FitzRoy invention, which contains distilled water, ethanol, nitric acid Potassium, ammonium chloride and camphor 5 re-solution, 5 kinds of liquid crystallization temperature are not the same, but the crystalline form is not the same, so the basic shape of the crystal to be able to approximate the temperature of the other from the popular information found, Crystal change has two factors, one is the pressure is another temperature, weather forecasting bottle invented in the navigation age, then its main function is equivalent to a real-time weather forecasting machine, the temperature is very important to the fishermen, fish is also with the warm current migration Animals, forecasting bottles help fishermen to track fish, but when the storm to pressure there will be significant changes, but humans are not sensitive to air pressure, fishermen may be able to observe the bottle, coupled with experience to guess whether there is a storm, Then the cold, a crystal there is a slight crystallization of the water level inside the bottle is also slightly increased, then the pressure in the rise, the storm may have to come.Film summary, the bottle is very sensitive to temperature, pressure to be very careful observation, Familiar with its changing patterns, you need a very long time!

Pro-small weather bottles have wooden base it! The side can be engraved text, For purchase please contact customer service!