24k gold rose gold roses | Valentines Day gifts to send his girlfriend wife creative romantic practical gifts

24k gold rose gold roses | Valentines Day gifts to send his girlfriend wife creative romantic practical gifts

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: sanstyle / of charity
  • Appearance: Plants
  • Color Classification: Small Medium full full full Carnation Queen Queen Queen Queen bud full plus wooden heart full bottle full ceramic Queen + Queen + Eiffel Queen plus full heart timber bottle ( custom two-dimensional code) + full large heart-shaped flower holder born of a rose suit'll stay happy birthday Queen + Queen full full full + + Xingyuxinyuan large birthday cake queen + full Tianmi secret love thick queen + full white base personalized custom photo custom models large full + a large full-custom models two photos + 11 Bunch of three Bunch clinquant paragraph 9 Bunch clinquant paragraph 11 supporting a bunch of clinquant paragraph 9 red and blue clinquant paragraph 11 red and blue clinquant paragraph
  • Material: gold and silver
  • Item: 2887
  • Application of space: Bedroom
  • Style: Simple Modern
  • Function: marriage
  • Decoration Type: Desktop Decoration

Gilded gold rose represents eternal love, love never fade Russian writer Kang. Pav Bernstorff Chomsky in the famous prose "the precious dust," wrote a humble cleaners Chamie, in order to play a blessings for a loved one gold rose from the dust of the silversmith workshop where day after day screening out powder. he wanted to hide inside long tenderness all to his adored girl Susanna, but Chamie very low self-esteem, not Susanna willing to see their aging face, finally did not send out. but Chamie heart is always wanted to give Susanna most Houxia Mi in the death finally got the blessing of love that is the Golden rose, has been freed

Each one gold roses, have to go through hundreds of craftsmanship, fine cut, engraved, pinch, plastic, folding of different techniques to create the perfect. And carved roses, bows ceramic vase with together, called the collection stage love token.
Our gold rose Unlike traditional method has been used in other small factories beat black gold paper, first hammered into thin slices. Then use the world's first advanced gasification technology of vacuum press to make thousands of gold gold content of 99.9% gold bullion natural formation, natural surface Sands was micro fine shape, increasing the surface area and multi-angle reflection, make gold leaf, Jinhua more flashes. gilded gold leaf with a special support technology (film), the natural state of a three-dimensional, solid vacuum technology to protect the purity of the more pure , more shiny!