Swiss Italian Habitat | 2015 Year | Creative Pocket envelopes | blessing word New Year red envelopes sealed personality

Swiss Italian Habitat | 2015 Year | Creative Pocket envelopes | blessing word New Year red envelopes sealed personality

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Swiss Italian UN
  • GW: 0.13
  • Item: 03 Plum Fu
  • Color Classification: Diamond snowflake Tait red purple lotus Fu Fu word blessing red kapok large orange bronze bronze lotus Fu Fu word word word blessing gold big purple orange snowflakes blessing golden flower red diamond Tait Tait golden lotus Fu word blessing bronze Kapok red diamond snowflake blessing bronze Tait Tait purple flower golden lotus flower golden blessing word Tait Tait bronze flower purple snowflakes red kapok Fu Fu word blessing gold big purple orange purple Great Kapok blessing blessing word red orange diamond down bronze
  • Applicable festival: New Year
  • Specifications: '000 letters (40) one hundred yuan seal (40)
  • Number of pieces: Other

[] More favorable enough to scan codeNew Year red packets Series one hundred yuan seal 40 mounted for only 15 yuan, thousands of seal 40 mounted 24.8 yuan , One from shipping (Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and other remote areas not range) , Buy two get one free, buy four get two, buy more to send! Do not send goods photographed! (Sent to the [Snow] fu purple Paragraph 40 ) Default hair Yuantong Express , Do not accept the courier Oh, need to send other express please contact customer service!

Tips: 1, the product is packaged in 40 color loaded with a box of the same paragraph, shall not accept mixed or blending requirements;

2, the purchase of shipping products in the shop to buy other shipping envelopes to be together, except for custom advertising alone;

The envelopes used in all series of high-grade pearl paper material (high-grade craft paper material), using relief technology, fine workmanship, three-dimensional sense of strong, high quality. Emergent bribe's taste and identity.

[Model] paragraph 01: wealth down 02 paragraph: Kapok Fu paragraph 03: Big orange Blessing 04: word lotus Fu 05: Diamond Italy
[Material]130g pearl paper embossed

[Specification] hundred Yuan Feng: 11.2*8.0cm; thousand Yuan Feng: 16.5 * 8.8cm

[Price] one hundred yuan red packets 15.2Yuan / 40 thousand Yuan red envelope 24.8 yuan / 40

[Process]High-grade Embossed gold foil
[Capacity] one hundred yuan red envelope Bai Yuanchao fold or three fold, can be loaded 10 thousand Yuan bills put straight red hundred notes, can be loaded about 50

【prompt】: As with all artificial dispensed per pack, a huge amount, dispensing process will inevitably result in an individual string section phenomenon, but please forgive me