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Wuling Hongguang Baojun 730 Hongguang S-Hong V door bowl handle handle decorative door care

Product code: -28853100030
Unit price 4.01-10.9$
Sold quantity 2241
Available stock 596
Expired or Cancelled

Product parameters:

  • Brand: natural
  • Model: Wang Kwong S door handle bowl
  • Car brand: Wuling Bao Chun
  • Car: Wang Kwong
  • Cars: 730
  • Color Classification: Hongguang special >>>> Wang Kwong door bowl macro light handle macro light handle + door bowl macro light S special >>>> Wang Kwong S door bowl macro light S handle macro light S handle + door bowl macro light V special >>>> Wang Kwong V door bowl Hongguang V handle macro light V handle + door bowl Po Chun 730 dedicated >>> 730 small door bowl 730 with standard door bowl 730 handle 730 handle + small door bowl 730 handle + with standard door bowl
  • Material: ABS plating
  • Number: 4
  • Services: support the installation