Car personalized stickers decorative stickers | obscured scratches posted | five-star red flag side door labeling |

Car personalized stickers decorative stickers | obscured scratches posted | five-star red flag side door labeling |

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: OLINTON / Austrian shield
  • Model: CTIE
  • Pattern: flag class
  • Flag types: China
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color Category: CHINA Flag Rectangular CHINA Flag Flag Shield Flag Rectangular CHINA Map Square I Love China Square Shields Germany Shields UK Shields Malaysia Rectangular King Kong Gangs Diamonds United States Shields Sweden Rectangular Blue White Red Sport Italy Map Rectangular Viper Rectangular Italian Flag Rectangular Punisher Square Jaguar Square Aegis Board Silver Indonesian Rectangle Jaguar Rectangle ABT Rectangle Aegis Board Black
  • Services: support the installation
  • Film Type: Other

'Warm reminder: pro ~ product can only be posted on the flat parts or slightly curved, not suitable for sticking corner / water chest / uneven / radian large position, once installed, can not be reused Oh Note: Received the goods to determine the goods do not have any problems in the use of installation, please do not say after installation deformation of the scratches inappropriate, affect the second sale, the restaurant does not support return refund.No used shop support 30 days returns, Thank you for your cooperation

This car stickers imitation goods, uneven quality levels, of course, the price is relatively low, please be sure to understand before buying the next commodity details, so as to avoid being deceived. Hand error of about 1-2 mm I We have the vehicle labeling is not better than the price of our quality! Image has applied for shields, Pirates of the system automatically investigate and punish the system, peer bypass'

Product Size: Shield specifications 50mm * 50mm, rectangular specifications 80mm * 50mm, square size 60 * 55mm

Material: Aluminum

Beige: Label comes with double-sided adhesive
Installation: Wipe the need to paste the location, tear off the adhesive film, paste the location of alignment. After installation, please use a towel back and forth to press and rub, double-sided adhesive firmer. (Installed labeling, if re-tear Open lead to deformation and double-sided adhesive non-stick, are man-made damage, non-product quality problems, our restaurant will not accept the refund refund)
Applicable models: the whole car series mobile phone notebook suitcase (can only be installed in the formation position)