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Car Cruze roof film bright Fit degrees Reina Long moving Jed K2K3 new Fox panoramic sunroof film

Car Cruze roof film bright Fit degrees Reina Long moving Jed K2K3 new Fox panoramic sunroof film
Product code: 28852200030
Unit price 7.04-19.19$
Sold quantity 4310
Available stock 5904

Product parameters:

  • Brand: ocus
  • Model: Window top film
  • Pattern: Other
  • Material: sticker
  • Small SUV (bright black mirror 1.35 * 2.3 meters) large SUV (bright black mirror 1.35 * 2.0 meters) small car (bright black mirror 1.35 * 1.8 meters) (1.35 * 1.8 meters) Keluze (bright black mirror 1.35 * 1.8 meters) K2 (bright black mirror surface 1.35 * 1.8 meters) Fos hatchback / K2 hatchback / Reina hatchback (bright black mirror 1.35 * 2 meters), the color of the mirror,
  • Services: support the installation
  • Film Type: Other

Before the film must see

Warm Tip: Our roof film is Thicken the glossy black film , band There are gas guide slots , Suitable for dry stickers, wet paste can also be, but the wet paste Can not add detergent , Because the detergent will make the film lose viscosity, usually after the use of detergent paste the film non-stick, the restaurant will not be responsible for, please pro in the film process, please note that this process needs careful, Damage to the construction process has nothing to do with the product, please know.

As well as our film for all models, due to too many models, not all the models to write, if you are a car is a sedan model to shoot three models (1.35 * 1.8 meters) This size, If you are a car is a hatchback model on the direct shot hatchback models (1.35 * 2 meters) this size, we will give you the right size for your car.

Receipt is outside the crease paper tube must be accepted, the product also has a crease can be directly rejected, do not contact us after receipt, please know!

This material is waterproof sunscreen, high temperature, suitable for sticking to the engine cover and roof, especially attached to the roof, far from the panoramic sunroof effect, when the paste is best to use Oxford scraping Child, do not use a hard scraper, such as scraper with a hard scraper can be a layer of cotton cloth.

According to the majority of the country car riders reflect the manual fee is generally 100 yuan, of course, some places 50 yuan, 150 yuan in some places around the store pricing is not the same, after all, the economic conditions of each place is different, I believe this Can understand.

Construction with a wet paste method, did not scratch the feeling of water, and then blistering, and this problem we will certainly not be accepted after the construction technology problems caused, we will not pay! Boli sales, Returns are Is that we can not afford.

If the outer cylinder crease please pieces of acceptance, thank you!

Guangzhou riders to the company's physical beauty shop stickers!