Applicable Honda Civic Di Feng Fan Fifei degrees Odyssey CRV eight generations of nine generations Accord bone wiper blade scraping device

Applicable Honda Civic Di Feng Fan Fifei degrees Odyssey CRV eight generations of nine generations Accord bone wiper blade scraping device

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: MISIMa
  • Model: misima329-tc-03
  • Color Classification: Other models please contact customer service '08 -15 new Civic domain '26 +23 16 new Civic three-stage 26 + 18 '06 -07 old Civic' 'Feng Fan 08-16' three paragraph 12 New CRV special funds 26 +16 '07 -11 CRV 'special 26 +17' old CRV04-05 'three-stage' Ai Li Shen 'three-stage' think Platinum Core 'Remarks Year' Bin-chi 'no bone' Three-stage 'new Fit 08-16 paragraph' three-stage 'old Fit two-car → 04-07 models' three-stage 'old Fit hatchback → 04-07 models' three-stage 'Sidi' Style 04-08 paragraph Odyssey has a special 28 +14 'Odyssey 10-14 paragraph' three-stage '04-year-old Odyssey on scraping' 'eight generations of nine Accord' funds 26 +19
  • Size: Other
  • Wiper type: three-stage wiper
  • Number of pieces: 2 pieces
  • Services: support the installation

1, the use of wipers, please clean all the rubber film on the dust;
2, if the windshield on the oil, wax, dirt and other foreign matter, first used after the clean, or wiper film does not work, will shorten the service life;
3, in the rain when driving spray cleaning agent in order to get better wipe effect and extend the service life;
4, encountered the original car wiper can not be removed when the interface is due to prolonged use of some rust, and more with some force can be removed, or to help install the 4S shop can also be.

1, adhere to the regular replacement wipers, can improve traffic safety;
2, the use of wipers, it is recommended to use wiper fine with the use of, can effectively extend the life of the glass and wiper.To extend the wiper, in the front window glass
There is dust or foreign matter, it is recommended that the first spray wiping fine brush, and then enable the wiper;

3, when the wiper blade shaking how to do?
① this time on the glass is likely to have not see the foreign body or grease, need to use detergent and other cleaning supplies cleaning car glass
② with a wet towel in the same direction wipe wiper strip

4. Wiper scraping clean, but there are a lot of noise how to solve?
① At this point the need to use detergent to clean the car glass and wiper strip
② wipers scrape for a suitable period of time running, this time should pay attention not dry scraping
5. The new wiper large area scratch is not clean?
① Check whether the silver-gray tape protective cover is removed
② Check whether the strip is flat
③ appropriate cleaning, remove the foreign body on the glass
6. Wipers scraping the middle of the time or both sides of the scraping less than the
① Check whether the tape is laminated to the glass
② take down the wiper to bend a few, the wiper bending degree can be laminated glass
③ the middle part of the scratch is not, you may need to check the wiper arm pressure is sufficient