Dedicated Honda Fit SDL Feng Fan wiper wiper Odyssey CRV wiper blades Accord Jed Chi Bin

Dedicated Honda Fit SDL Feng Fan wiper wiper Odyssey CRV wiper blades Accord Jed Chi Bin

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: MISIMa
  • Model: misima329-tc-03
  • Color Classification: New Odyssey [10-16] three-paragraph [old] Odyssey → to shave 04 years ago [paragraph] → 04-08 Odyssey old original cars bone [new Civic models → 08-16] the original car models Civic 06-07 [old] original models of cars CRV-07-11 [paragraph] the original car models new CRV → 12-16 [paragraph] the original car models [old] three-paragraph CRV04-05 Aili gentry [three] platinum Core segment [] three-chi] [Bean intelligent boneless [Costa figure new Fit 08-16] [paragraph] [old three-Fit twenty-two car → 04-07 [paragraph] three-Fit three old → 04-07] three-compartment models front range 08-16 [paragraph] [three-stage] [eight generations SDL / nine generation Accord models → 08-15] philosophy S1 [earmarked] [Jed] [] [Ling faction when rhyme]
  • Size: Other
  • Wiper Type: three-wiper
  • Number of members: 2
  • Services: Support installation

1, before using the wipers, please clean all the dust on the rubber sheet;
2, if there is oil, wax, dirt and other foreign matter on the windshield, and clean after the first treatment, otherwise the wiper blade is not working properly, it will shorten the service life;
3, driving in the rain spray cleaner for better wiping performance and extend the service life;
4, encountered the original car wiper could not be removed due to prolonged use interface and some rust, spend more force can be removed, or to the 4S shop to help install are also available.

1, adhere to regular replacement wipers can improve driving safety;
2, using the wipers when the wipers are recommended with the use of fine, can effectively extend the life of the glass and wiper. To extend the wipers, front window
When there is dust or foreign matter, it is recommended to spray wipers fine, and then enable the wipers;

3, when the wipers scraping jitter how to do?
① this time is likely to have invisible objects or grease on the glass, detergent and other cleaning supplies needed to clean the car glass
② wipe wiper strip along the same direction with a wet towel

4. wipers scraping clean, but there is a lot of noise on how to solve?
① At this point need to use detergent to clean the car glass and wiper strip
② let wipers scraping the appropriate period of time running, this time to be careful not to scrape dry
5. The new wipers scraping a large area is not clean?
① Check whether removing the protective cover silver strips
② Check whether the flat strips
③ cleaned properly, remove foreign material on the glass
6. wipers scraping the middle of the time or less than the scraping sides
① Check whether the glass laminate strip
② the wipers to take down a few bends, so that the curvature of the wiper can be bonded glass
③ middle portion is less than scratch, you may need to check the adequacy of the wiper arm pressure