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Motorcycle Car Charger USB Mobile Car Charger | 12V to 5V | Length 2.5m | Waterproof

Motorcycle Car Charger USB Mobile Car Charger | 12V to 5V | Length 2.5m | Waterproof
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: AP
  • Model: 614
  • Color classification: Apple millet Samsung Huawei can be charged
  • Power supply: cigarette lighter power supply
  • Input voltage: 12V and 24V common

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This section is 2.5 meters long cable with USB 12V to 5V 5V (actual 3A) charger, mainly used to charge mobile phones, mobile phone basic 99% models can charge, Apple Samsung millet Huawei Lenovo full range can be.

Here a lot of pro to ask you this is 3A and the maximum charger can use the phone, will not be filled with bad phone, here to explain, our product 3A is the largest 3A, not a charger must output 3A, which is intelligent , Will be based on pro-mobile phone output the best charging current, normal in 1A or so.

Wiring method: red then 12V positive, black then 12V negative, can not be reversed. The best direct access to the battery.

First: Technical Specifications:

L Input voltage: 12V (8V-24V)

lOutput voltage: 5.0V

lOutput current: 3A

lOutput Power: 15W

lConversion efficiency: 99%

Second: Features:

lOvervoltage protection

lOvercurrent protection

lOverheating protection

lShort circuit protection, and automatic recovery work

lWaterproof cover design

lLine length of 2.5 meters

Three: Features:

This product uses synchronous voltage regulator technology, all imported original components, can be unstable between 8.0V-24.0V any voltage into a stable 5.0V DC output, It has over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, short circuit and other automatic protection ,And can return to normal conditions after the normal work .Using the United States imported high thermal conductivity silicone and potting technology, and compatible with a number of protection, over-voltage, over-current, short circuit, earthquake, water, moisture, Widely used in mobile phone charging, navigation recorder LED display, hard disk player, audio, etc., is the best vehicle power supply preferred, please rest assured that the use of customers.

The picture is a physical map. Because of the high conversion efficiency, there is basically no heat generated.