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Rotary warning light | Rotating light | Machine warning light TB-1101J With sound

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: LPMNSD
  • Model: TB - 1101 warning light

Color, there are three default red, yellow, green default 220v can be made with sound with voice plus 7 yuan (this price without sound price, video with sound)

Example: TB50-1-T (W) -E (D) - (J),

Which TB50 representatives: Dimensions 50: Φ50

1 represents the number of layers: red, yellow, green, blue, from (from top to bottom sort color)

T (W) represents the form of light emission, where T is always on and W is flashing

E (D) represents the form of a light source, where E represents an incandescent bulb and D represents an LED lamp

J represents the form of sound: with a beep, no signs, no sound.

There are also models

TB50-1101 price is 19.8 yuan,

TB50-1101 J The price is 27 yuan,

What models to contact customer service, thank you!

This section uses high life, high brightness, high-quality, energy saving LED lamp bead warranty for 1 year.

Before you shoot please contact customer service you need is the number of V voltage, what color of 12v to your 1 yuan a Oh