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Battery 12V150AH Maintenance-free lead-acid battery UPS 150ah Solar Street Light Battery

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  • Brand: Photosynthesis
  • Model: GH-150
  • Suitable for: lighting

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Model: 12V150AH battery
Type: maintenance-free lead-acid batteries
Size: Length 485mm Width 170mm Height 242mm Total height 242mm
Weight: 38KG
UPS uninterruptible power supply, alarm system, emergency lighting system, post and telecommunications, power system, power plant Station switching control and incident handling Bank uninterrupted systems, telephone and telecommunications equipment, electric toys, fire, security and defense systems, Medical equipment, solar energy systems, marine equipment, control equipment, electronic equipment and other backup power.

1) The use of battery cover, double-pole seal design, not acid
2) Adsorption of the oxygen efficiency of the glass composite effectively control the loss of water inside the battery, so the use of the battery in the process In the absence of water or fill acid maintenance
3) safe and reliable, special sealing structure, flame-retardant one-way exhaust system, the process does not produce leakage, does not occur Fire
4) the use of computer-designed low calcium lead alloy grid, a large reduction in the production of gas, and can facilitate recycling, large Large extended battery life
5) sturdy plate, the lid of the heat sealing, multi-cell battery design to the battery installation and maintenance of economic
6) weight than high energy, internal resistance is small, high output power
7) high charge and discharge performance, self-discharge control in less than 2% per month (20 ℃)
8) good recovery, in the deep discharge or charger failure, the short circuit placed 30 days later, can still charge to restore its capacity
9) temperature adaptability, and can be used safely at -40 ~ 50 ℃
10) without a balanced charge, due to single cell internal resistance, capacity, float voltage consistency, the battery during use without Need to be balanced charge
11) The electrolyte is adsorbed in a special partition, no flow, anti-gushing, can be firmly established, side, or end side placed
12) fully charged factory, no free electrolyte, can be non-hazardous materials for water and land transport

1) How long will it take?
A: As the battery is too heavy, made unsafe courier, we unified logistics, goods will be sent to the local logistics and freight stations near the mention Goods, therefore, in general, take longer than the express longer, depending on the specific local.
2) This shipping method safe, will not be taken away by others goods?
A: I need to pick up the phone number and ID card verification, to be personally Kam income, logistics companies have multiple surveillance video, according to Law to provide evidence
3) The goods are damaged, lost, fake how to do?
A: If there is damage, loss, please reject, the logistics company in accordance with the provisions of compensation. At the same time do not understand the place to contact online customers Service, or telephone contact us
4) encountered irresistible reasons, how to do not receive the goods to do?
A: contact customer service online to temporarily extend the time of receipt, to identify the truth, must give the buyer a satisfactory answer .If the individual non- Law, the owner will at all costs, to provide evidence, with the law to trace to the low. Also both sides of a fair
5) What circumstances need to replace the battery?
A: 1) The starting motor speed decreases or stops
2) the engine is ready to run after the instrument panel shows the battery 'discharge' time extension
3) The battery in the cold or extended start-up time circumstances
4) energy to reduce the speed
5) idling headlamps brightness is not enough
6) How to replace the battery?
A: When you replace the battery, first remove the negative pole, and then remove the positive pole, the installation, the first positive pole, then the negative pole, positive and negative non-reverse

Battery common sense
A. How to extend the battery life:
1) The battery in the car to install a firm, reduce vibration
2) Always check the battery cable is solid, all live joints, to maintain good contact to prevent sparks, cited From the battery explosion. Battery clip oxide, sulfate, must be scratched, and coated with petrolatum, to prevent further corrosion
3) the regular removal of dust and dirt on the battery cover and overflow of the electrolyte to keep clean and dry to prevent self-discharge
4) sealing glue to crack timely repair
5) car in cold areas, to avoid the battery completely discharged, so as to avoid electrolyte freeze
6) to prevent the battery overcharge or long-term loss of electricity, overcharge will plate off active material, loss of electricity will make the plate curing, to make The mediator voltage can not be too high or too low
7) to prevent the battery long time high-current discharge, each time the use of starter time can not be greater than 5 seconds
B, how to distinguish the battery quality
A look at the shell. More refined, no flash, the battery has a mesh on both sides of the skeleton; two-level column. If used, then there will be designated Marks, which is to judge whether the direct method used.
C. The weight of the battery basically represents the lead content, the heavier the lead content of the battery the higher the price of the battery is determined by the lead content, The value of lead accounts for 70% of the total battery value. The same model, the weight of heavy lead content is relatively high, the battery life Will be relatively long
D, different types of batteries, the voltage is the same, the storage capacity is not the same in the case of the same load, the output current is the same , But continuous discharge time is not the same, about 10% difference in capacity, the use of cars and lights is not affected
E. often in the urban areas, do not often run high-speed, it is recommended to recharge once every six months (fully filled so far), the battery can be used at least 2 years (good maintenance, then you can use 3-4 years)
F. Battery damage season often occurs in summer and winter. Summer cars in the use of air conditioning when the power consumption is relatively large, long time Idle operation will lead to the depth of the battery discharge, even if fully charged, it can not reach the battery all the power, will affect the battery life. Winter, due to low temperatures, the battery chemical reaction is relatively slow, the discharge speed, charging speed is slow, if the frequent start plus On the regular idle operation, will lead to the battery is always red dissatisfaction with electricity, will shorten the life of the battery
G. Replace the battery, first remove the negative pole, then remove the positive pole, the installation, the first positive pole, then negative pole.

H. To prevent oxidation of the battery pole can be sprayed on top of some screw loosening agent1 111