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Long-time power JYE-2620Z4.8 | push-pull DC electromagnet DC12V24V 10mm0.5N

Long-time power JYE-2620Z4.8 | push-pull DC electromagnet DC12V24V 10mm0.5N
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: JIN CLOUDCN
  • Model: JYE-2620Z-4.8W

Solenoid valve for direct current electromagnet


What voltage you need to submit an order note please!

DC24V DC24V products are two kinds of voltage, the default hair DC24V,

Can be a single power-on time up to 2 hours to super-electromagnet

1, playing instruments
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2, vending machine
All kinds of vending machines for ticket machines

3, office equipment
List of computer equipment fax machine punching machine
Photocopier typewriter cash register plotter open drink machine

4, transport equipment
Automatic door lock Safety belt lock Automobile electromagnetic valve Parking equipment

5, home appliances
Tape recorders, videocassette machines automatic knitting machine with the player

6, other
Packaging machinery robots farming equipment, stamping equipment fire prevention, anti - theft water - saving electromagnetic valve

Fourth, characteristics
1, easy to fix and connect the load
2, temperature stability, to extend product life and ensure good performance
3, E ring and rubber gasket to make the electromagnetic valve quiet operation
4, low friction to ensure high efficiency and prolong life
5, simple and reliable structural design

General specifications

* Operating conditions:
1, the operating temperature: -5 ℃ to 40 ℃ between the solenoid valve will not solidify
2, the operating humidity: relative humidity between 45% to 85% of the solenoid valve will not solidify
3, the storage temperature: -40 ℃ to 75 ℃ between the solenoid valve will not solidify
4, storage humidity: relative humidity 0% to 95% between the solenoid valve will not solidify

* Performance to show:
Temperature rise: 65 or less (grade A) Life: in the load conditions, you can use more than one million cycles

*test environment:
1, the ambient temperature: 23 ± 2 ℃
2, the relative humidity: 50 ± 10%
3, the atmospheric pressure: 1013MPa
4, insulation resistance: 500VDC insulation resistance measurement, the coil and the yoke must be at least 100MΩ between the insulation resistance
5, dielectric strength: the insulation between the coil and the yoke should be able to withstand at least 600VAC / 1 minute
5, summary and characteristics
1, electromagnet structure
A. Sectional view

Electrification rate
Maximum power-on time
20 points
7 points
2 minutes
1 point