CSTK C1KS UPS Host 1 | 12V38AH battery 3 | A1 battery box 1 | 1KVA1 hours

CSTK C1KS UPS Host 1 | 12V38AH battery 3 | A1 battery box 1 | 1KVA1 hours

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: Cstk
  • Model: 1KVA1 hours

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CSTK C1KS (1000VA800W) line zero transfer time sine wave output wide input voltage range high output voltage accuracy UPS uninterruptible power supply external host 1 12V38AH Lead Acid battery 3 battery box 1

[Power] 1000VA800W

[Battery] external

Three-year warranty [warranty]

[] DC voltage DC36V

[Mains input voltage range of 115-300VAC]

[] UPS output voltage range of 215-225VAC


This series UPS is online architecture, sine wave output. This series UPS is almost completely solve all power problems, such as power, electricity high and low voltage, transient voltage drop, shock reduction, high-voltage pulse, voltage fluctuations, surges voltage, harmonic distortion, clutter, frequency fluctuations. this series UPS use a wide range, from computer equipment to the communication system profession automatic equipment can be used.

Technical Parameters:

model Dream C1K Dream C1KS Dream C2K Dream C2KS Dream C3K Dream C3KS
capacity 1KVA / 800W 2KVA / 1600W 3KVA / 2400W
Light board display form LED light panel display
enter Voltage Full load: 160VAC ± 5% ~ 300VAC ± 5% & half load: 110VAC ± 5% ~ 300VAC ± 5%
frequency 40Hz ~ 70Hz
Export Voltage 220 ± 2% VAC
frequency The default output frequency is 50Hz, the input frequency range of 47 ~ 53Hz, the output frequency follows the mains;
The default output frequency is 60Hz, the input frequency range of 57 ~ 63Hz, the output frequency follows the mains.
Waveform Sine wave
Standby Time / min
(Full load / half load)
﹥2 '/5' 30 ' ----- ﹥6 '/15' ----- ﹥3 '30' /9' -----
Battery Type VRLAB ----- VRLAB ----- VRLAB -----
External battery nominal voltage ----- 36VDC ----- 72VDC ----- 96VDC
Conversion time Zero interrupt
Overload capacity After 110% ~ 130% output for 30 seconds into the bypass;> 130% immediately switch to bypass
Communication Interface RS-232 + Installing Slot
Operating environment 20 ~ 90% RH & 0 ~ 40 ℃ (non-condensing)
physical dimension
WxDxH (mm)
144x345x229 190*393*328
Weight (Net) / Kg 10 6 23 10 24 11

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