Hills SANTAK UPS maintenance-free lead -original batteries 6GFM100 12V100AH ​​| New

Hills SANTAK UPS maintenance-free lead -original batteries 6GFM100 12V100AH ​​| New

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: VSASVNTEK
  • Model: 6GFM100

1. Reference Standard

Department of VRLA batteries meet the following standard
● JIS C 8707-1992 cathode absorption-type sealed lead acid battery fixed standard
● JB / T8451-96 People's Republic of China Machinery Industry Standard
● YD / T 799-2002 People's Republic of China telecommunications industry standards

● DL / T 637-1997 People's Republic of China telecommunications industry standards

2. Applications

Uninterruptible power supply armaments
Medical equipment monitoring system
Communication Equipment aviation / navigation system

Petrochemical Industrial Power Plant / Power etc.

3. The characteristics of lead-acid batteries

● Maintenance-free (no need to increase the life of the acid water).
● use strict production process, the cell voltage balancing resistance.
● using a special grid alloy, corrosion resistance and good deep cycle performance,
Minimal self-discharge.
● absorbed glass fiber technology with gas recombination efficiency up to 99% and within

Low resistance, excellent high-current discharge performance.

4. Lead Acid Battery Installation Requirements

● Check the battery before using the appearance of cracks, breakage, leakage phenomenon,
Once discovered should be promptly find out the reasons or to replace them.
● The battery should be installed away from fire and heat (greater than 2M) in place,
Must have good exhaust ventilation, make sure the battery is running ring
Mirror temperature at 15-25 degrees. So that the battery has a long service life.
● charging current and voltage, time must be performed by manufacturers, to avoid battery
Free overcharge and over-discharge.

● handling, installation, use should be avoided during battery positive and negative short-circuit.

5. Note the use of lead-acid batteries

● removable battery is completed by qualified personnel, if the issues of mechanical damage the battery fluid gets on your skin or clothing. Immediately clear
Water. If splashed into the eyes, rinse with plenty of water as soon as possible and immediately to the hospital for treatment.
● different capacities, different manufacturers or different battery Do not mix old and new.
● Do not wipe the battery case with a flower fiber cloth or sponge.

● Battery resting stop for six months or more, must be supplemented charged before being used.

Technical Parameters:

model Voltage capacity Weight Dimensions
(V) (Ah) (Kg) L * W * H (mm)
6-GFM-7 12 7 2.6 115*65*94
6-GFM-17 12 17 6 180*77*167
6-GFM-24 12 24 7.5 165*125*175
6-GFM-38 12 38 12 197*165*175
6-GFM-65 12 65 20 350*166*175
6-GFM-100 12 100 30 407*173*210

Hills of UPS maintenance-free lead-acid batteries Press "GB / T standard valve regulated sealed lead-acid batteries "The design and manufacture of products without adding water before use, users only need to use the correct installation. Batteries with No acid leak, small resistance, resistance to vibration, resistance to over-discharge recovery capability, low self-discharge, long life And so on.