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SANTAK UPS original battery 6GFM100 12V100AH ​​lead-acid maintenance-free | new

SANTAK UPS original battery 6GFM100 12V100AH ​​lead-acid maintenance-free | new
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Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: VSASVNTEK
  • Model: 6GFM100

1. Reference standard

Department of valve-regulated lead-acid batteries meet the following criteria
Standard for Cathode Absorbing Sealed Stationary Type Lead - Acid Batteries (IEC 61870: 1992)
● JB / T8451-96 People's Republic of machinery industry standards


2. Application areas

Uninterruptible power supply
Medical equipment monitoring system
Communication equipment. Aeronautical / marine systems

Petrochemical industry power plants / power stations

3. Lead-acid battery characteristics

● maintenance-free (life without adding acid and water).
● The use of strict production process, good single-cell voltage balance.
● The use of special grid alloy, anti-corrosion performance and deep cycle performance,
Self-discharge is minimal.
● Adsorption glass fiber technology makes gas recombination efficiency as high as 99%

Resistance, high-current discharge performance.

4. Lead-acid battery installation requirements

● Check the battery before use whether the appearance of cracks, damage, leakage,
Once found should promptly find the cause or be replaced.
● The battery should be installed away from fire, heat (more than 2M) place,
Must have good exhaust ventilation conditions, should ensure that the battery runs the ring
Mirror temperature of 15-25 degrees, making the battery has a longer life.
● The charging current, voltage and time must be executed according to the manufacturer's regulations
Overcharge-free discharge.

● Handling, installation and use of the battery should be avoided during the positive and negative short circuit.

5. Note the use of lead-acid batteries

● Disassemble the battery should be done by professionals, if the battery damage due to mechanical and electrical contact with the skin or clothes.
Water rinse.If splashed into the eyes, as soon as possible with plenty of water rinse and immediately go to hospital for treatment.
● different capacity, different manufacturers or different old and new batteries do not mix.
● Do not wipe the battery case with flower cloth or sponge.

● If the battery is stopped for more than 6 months, it must be supplemented before use.

Technical Parameters:

model Voltage capacity Reference weight Dimensions
(V) (Ah) (Kg) L * W * H (mm)
6-GFM-7 12 7 2.6 115*65*94
6-GFM-17 12 17 6 180*77*167
6-GFM-24 12 24 7.5 165*125*175
6-GFM-38 12 38 12 197*165*175
6-GFM-65 12 65 20 350*166*175
6-GFM-100 12 100 30 407*173*210

Hills UPS maintenance-free lead-acid battery power by "GB / T valve-regulated lead-acid battery standard "Design and manufacture, the product before use without adding water, the user can only be properly installed to use. No acid leakage, low resistance, resistance to vibration, anti-over-discharge recovery ability, self-discharge, long life And so on.