Ups power Hills K500-PRO 500VA / 300W back-up uninterruptible power supply regulator 10 minutes delay

Ups power Hills K500-PRO 500VA / 300W back-up uninterruptible power supply regulator 10 minutes delay

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: SANTAK / Hills
  • Model: K500-PRO




Place of origin


Shenzhen Hills (STK)

Hills Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Reserve -


3 years

capacity (VA / W)


Full back-up duration


Total weight kg

500VA / 300W Only the host

Built-in battery



K Series UPS is suitable for enterprises, institutions, government, research, transportation, defense, information and education industries PC, routers, POS machines, communication equipment and industrial products, such as power supply protection using CPU complete control technology, power outages, high and low voltage, surges, Shun change, spikes and other electrical abnormalities can make accurate reflection and processing, anti-surge protection socket can also provide protection for a particular peripheral laser printing. K series UPS also has an automatic boot, automatic voltage regulation, input voltage range is extremely wide, can be applied to all kinds of complex electrical environment.

Regulated Output
K500 / 1000-Pro UPS Yes Knight (K)Series family of next-generation products. It is designed for individuals PC Small workstation users and industrial product design, with automatic voltage regulator output function, can effectively filter out various types of electrical interference.

Sophisticated manufacturing process
Leading international SMD And surface mount technology CPU Application of integrated control technology, so that K500 / 1000-Pro UPS The performance is more reliable energy for all types of power problems (power, short circuit, overload, high and low voltage, surge) to make an accurate and reliable processing, to provide comprehensive protection for the load.

Independent anti-surge protection socket
Not only to protect PC , But also to printers, routers, scanners, Modem And other related peripherals to provide power surge protection.

Auto Power
Power failure, ups In battery mode discharge to shutdown; when the electricity is restored, ups It can automatically boot, unattended easy power management in case.

Wide voltage /Frequency input
K500 / 1000-Pro UPS The input voltage range 162VAC ~ 268VAC , Frequency Range 45Hz ~ 55Hz And to provide a reliable, stable power output but also with generators.
(Other similar products do not usually have such a wide input range)

POST function
When turned on, it can automatically simulate power status, inverter, battery self-test, and make accurate and reliable judgments, to enhance the security of the load.

Easier management
Panel is simple and easy to operate.
With DC power function, anytime, anywhere, for your convenience.
High-quality batteries, power lasting, reliable, and can provide sufficient backup time.

User-friendly design

Ultra-quiet design, but also you a quiet working environment



500VA / 300W

Rated Capacity



(162 ~ 268) VAC


(45 ~ 55) Hz



220(1 ± 10%) (battery mode) ×


50Hz ± 1Hz (battery mode)


Standby Time

﹥6Minutes (half load)

Charging time


Conversion time


Operating environment

Temperature 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, humidity 20% to 90%

Dimensions W × D × H (mm × mm × mm)


Weight (net) Kg


Tips: UPS case of heavy goods, freight in real terms, please make the appropriate communication and customer service delivery the same day in the afternoon before 17:00, after 17:00 postponed to the next day delivery (except special order), Thank you. support.

Service: Where to buy Hills series of UPS can enjoy three free quality assurance, non-human failure three years replacement, Genius, choose the nearest Hills company service outlets throughout the country ≤24AH battery warranty for one year,>. 24AH three-year warranty.

UPS purchase related knowledge

Computer failure by more than 70% of the DC power supply switching power supply, while the life expectancy and quality of power supply components are directly related. When the grid voltage is too low, the computer inside the tube voltage switching power supply power increase and improve the temperature rise to reduced life expectancy, and even burn; high-voltage spikes when the power grid surge, it may destroy the switching power supply components; when power outage or momentary interruption (such as milliseconds) or high frequency noise signals, high voltage spikes occur, you may causing the computer to crash or data loss, resulting in unnecessary losses. If equipped with UPS to avoid the occurrence of the above situation, When the power outage, the voltage is too high or too low, UPS continues to power the computer for some time, may continue to operate, and save the information in a timely manner. Obviously poor power quality is particularly important in areas with UPS. Even good power quality area, still can not avoid voltage instability, voltage surges and electrical noise and other power problems, with UPS is necessary.

to this end, Industrialized countries is precisely the countries with the highest share of the global UPS , Even the best quality of power supply to achieve nationwide networking Industrialized countries regarded as UPSStandard computer equipment , The importance of visibility of the UPS can not be ignored

First, I should be equipped with what kind of UPS?
According to the situation of equipment, electrical environment and power conservation purposes want to achieve, you can select the appropriate UPS; such as built-in switching power supply for low-power devices generally use back-UPS, in a harsh electrical environment where online interaction should be used or in-line type UPS, but for the moment does not allow time or intermittent sine-wave AC device, you can only use on-line UPS.
Second, I should be equipped with more powerful UPS?
First, make sure your device is more power, generally speaking ordinary PC or PC power is about 200W, 300W about Mac, server between 300W and 600W, the power value can refer to other devices of the device instructions.
Secondly, we should understand the UPS's rated power, there are two methods: the apparent power (VA) and the actual output power (W), due to the presence of reactive power so that makes a difference, in terms of the relationship between them is: as power * power factor = actual output power
Backup type, line interactive power factor between 0.5 and 0.7, on-line power factor is generally 0.8.
UPS should be equipped with equipment to the UPS output power to match the actual basis, some dealers intentionally or unintentionally confuse (VA) and the difference (W), which points to draw the user's attention.

Three, UPS backup time length is determined by what?
UPS energy storage device by the decision, and now the UPS is generally used sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries as the energy storage device size, battery capacity by 'ampere hours (AH)' This indicator, which means press current predetermined discharge time of the same voltage battery, high safety when the number of large capacity; the same as security when the number of battery, a large voltage high capacity, usually voltage and ampere hours together represent the battery capacity, such as 12V / 7AH, 12V / 24AH, 12V / 65AH, 12V / 100AH.
Back-UPS ships built 4AH or 7AH battery, the standby time is fixed;-line and line-interactive UPS has a built-7AH battery standard models, but also outside the large-capacity battery with long-term model, the user can according to need implemented with spare time to determine how much battery capacity.
UPS battery is an important part of the account for a large proportion of the value, and its quality is directly related to UPS's normal use, it should be carefully chosen to ensure the quality of genuine batteries.

Four, UPS division What kind?
UPS back-divided according to the principle, on-line and line-interactive three categories:
Standby UPS is the most commonly used, it has the most basic UPS automatic voltage regulator, power protection and most important function, although generally conversion time of about 10ms, AC inverter output is a square wave rather than a sine wave but since the structure is simple and has a cheap, high reliability, it is widely used in computer, peripherals, POS machines;
Online UPS structure is more complex, but perfect performance, can solve all power problems, its distinguishing feature is the ability to continue a zero interrupt output pure sine wave AC can solve spikes, surges, frequency drift, and all other power problems; the need to greater investment, usually used in demanding environments for critical power equipment and network centers like;
Line-interactive UPS in a number of standard multi-called interactive (interactive) UPS, it is between the back-line and a product prototype this circuit only one inverter can charge both bidirectional converter. when electricity supply, bidirectional converter to charge the battery on the one hand, on the one hand to produce a stable compensation voltage to compensate for input voltage than the Chinese, so that the output voltage is stable within a certain range. so again interact with meaning ? Where is it even a so-called interactive voltage or more interactive, a voltage can not be interactive, so the mains input voltage and offset voltage of interaction here, the relationship is expressed as: electricity output voltage = mains input voltage ± offset voltage.


1) UPS should be noted that the use of a well-ventilated environment, conducive to heat and keep the environment clean.
2) Never with inductive loads, such as cash registers, fluorescent lights, air conditioning, etc., to avoid damage.
3) UPS output load control at around 60% for the best, highest reliability.
4) UPS load is too light (such as a 1000VA UPS with 100VA load) may cause the battery depth of discharge will reduce battery life, should be avoided.
5) Appropriate discharge, helps cell activation, such as long-term non-stop electricity, every three months should be artificially broken mains load discharge time with UPS tape, so you can extend the battery life.
6) For most small UPS, work to open UPS, boot to avoid load start, should work close UPS; For network room UPS, because most of the network is 24 hours, so the UPS must run around the clock.
7) UPS should be promptly charged after discharge to avoid battery damage due to excessive self-discharge