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Apple 6plus mobile phone case | iphone6 ​​mobile phone sets of leather flip leather case new shell 4.7 tide

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Product parameters:

  • Protection shell / set Brand: Han song
  • Model: Apple 6 leather case
  • Protector texture: leather
  • (5.5) Leather Leather Case White (5.5) Leather Leather Case Dark (5.5) Leather Leather Case Dark Blue (5.5) Leather Leather Case Black (5.5) Leather Leather Case Dark Blue (4.7) Leather Leather Case Pink Color (4.7) Leather Leather Bag Rose (4.7) Leather Leather Brown (4.7) Leather Case Black (4.7) Leather Case
  • Popular elements: star with the paragraph
  • Style: Luxury
  • Applicable to the brand: Apple / Apple
  • Applicable models: other

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Buy apple 6(4.7)/ 6plus (5.5)Leather leather case: Tempered glass front film +Transparent silicone case +HD front film +After the film +Diamond dust plug +Folding bracket +Touch screen stylus! (Limited number, grab finished!)