Wen-Hui, as the card through | Color A8 business card scanner | card management system | Screen Image Recognition

Wen-Hui, as the card through | Color A8 business card scanner | card management system | Screen Image Recognition

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: HW card through Ling Rui
  • Brand: Hanvon / HW
  • HW Model: Tong Ling Rui card
  • Scanning element: CCD
  • Scanner Type: Business Card Scanner
  • Service: Genius
  • Most large format: other format

Tsinghua Tong Wen Hui Tong card depends

This is the least expensive color business card scanner, And it comes with a lot of practical value of the software, and now more and more business activities, conferences, PARTY, the Forum, show a pass down the cards have been stacked like a mountain, if you manage these important opportunities and potential customer information, become a placed in front of an important issue for business people. Hui Tong is the visual business card business card scanning device to solve this problem, simply pass the card gently into the card, it can speed from 10 to 15 per minute into the computer to stay future inquiries use.

As a fashion exquisite high-tech digital products, depending Hui Tong card enables intelligent query business card information, collaborative management, shared resources department. And for white-collar business office requires a lot of communication features, but also with Excel, Outlook and PDA, mobile phone network interoperability, it will be able to send mail directly. there are input through the card, Manage color photos , Printing envelopes , label And other functions. Horizontal and vertical version , Single-sided , Chinese-English , Simplified and Traditional , Old dirty business card Depending Hui Tong card can handle, can be identified Hundreds of artistic fonts and unfamiliar words.

Hui, as the card through the card that came with the software can automatically sweep intelligent classification, in accordance with the user's own needs are classified, Such as 'friend ' , 'colleague ' , 'client ' Wait. When you need to find someone's business card, simply enter the keyword information, you can instantly find tens of thousands of records.

Hui, as the card can also pass digital camera signs, displays, books, newspapers and web pages, and other text image recognition system by converting text data can be edited, and she recognizes visual distortion, uneven lighting, illegible, with there are character image background pattern. and can Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, numbers, symbols And other processing.

User reviews:

For business people, business cards has become entertainment show essential communication tool. We can also let people find their own business cards can be convenient, however, whether the card is more than a finishing or look for us is a a very painful thing. this is often off for finishing with a diligent and reasonable sorting easy to find. but we believe that most users will because the business is busy or lazy relationships often do not care about will be readily fling, and once Find the words from the contact card you often need to ocean 'travel' some.

So they thought it was a scanner, business card into JPEG format, not only easy to store, with a good naming convention, then it will be more convenient to find, but there is no easier or more fool way?

Taking into account the needs of business people, for business cards, scanners have come into being, today we want to introduce is Tsinghua Tong Wen Hui Tong, as the color business card, which is set in the English card identification system, including a more than ordinary business card slightly Some big business card scanning machine identification, as well as the king of card management software. through this identification card scanning machine, you can easily identify the business card data scanned into the computer and the PDA, without the need for time-consuming and laborious to enter text.

Before we try to look at this product Wen Tong Hui visual presentation:

This product resolution of 600dpi, 24-bit color. A few seconds to scan a business card, but it also supports multiple sheets continuously scan more input cards can be done in a short time. More importantly, Wen Tong card through management software can scan all kinds of cards in English, traditional and simplified business card not only can automatically determine, identify Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters, English, numbers shuffling., and symbol recognition rate of 98% on a variety of different fonts to be analyze recognition, while the contents of the card can automatically analyze and select the appropriate fields.

Wen Hui Tong, as the main components of the card through the device in the drawing, in fact, this is a very compact body scanners, very convenient to carry. This mini ordinary briefcase receiving a scan can be described as more than enough business cards Wang USB interface independent power supply, without the need for users to scan business cards need to find power interface trouble.

1.Business card as a mountain, swept away: Cards increasing piles Watching the chaos, turned over the trouble, how not to make people worry? Hui, as the card has a sweep, just continuous business card into her tiny A8 color business card scanner, can be part-time for many years Needless accumulation of identity information 'sent' into the computer, regardless Horizontal and vertical version, single-sided, in English, simplified and traditional, dirty, old, You can easily get. Can identify hundreds of Art font and uncommon words . In today's pursuit of efficiency yet rigorous work and living atmosphere, business cards through the user-friendly features can be described as kind and considerate! Sweeps away your relationships, improve business efficiency far more than a hundred times?

2.Random shooting, speed change documentation: Wherever your digital camera, mobile phone, perturbation of the first shot of the signs, displays, books, newspapers, tourist attractions and other types of images that came through the product 'hui Vision' software to convert text data, but can also identify Visual distortion, illegible, with background pattern , Uneven light character image Let You realize with the 'eye' typing, WYSIWYG.
3.Online content, could not escape the eye: Unique screen grab function, images, Web pages, PDF files, or video dynamic text on the screen can be correctly identified.
4.Multilingual text recognition, a wide range of application: Simplified and Traditional Chinese in addition to the identification document printed outside also recognizes English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese documents. Recognition rate above 99%
5.Comes with a unique 'Healer rat' Wentong handwriting recognition technology, Allowing you to write where they go: No matter what type of computer user can use without any additional special hardware! Flexible, convenient and strong core allows you to identify the natural random identification characters.

6.Needle in a haystack, easy: Business card software can automatically sweep intelligent classification, in accordance with the user's own needs are classified, Such as 'friends', 'colleagues', 'customer', etc., Looks cool - cool. When you need to find someone's business card, just Enter keywords Information, you need the right person in front of you will jump from over ten thousand business cards! Unique thumbnail display function, as long as the click of a mouse, let your panoramic Colorful business card!
7.Resources for sharing, import and export: Wentong E-CARD-color business cards through A8 also has Excel, Outlook, Pocket PC, PDA, mobile phone interconnection, batch printing envelopes or labels strong practical function.
8.Easy to install, self-taught:

Arasor color business cards through e-card A8 Technical Parameters:

Scanner type business card scanner

image sensor : CMOS contact image sensor
Interface: USB interface, no external power supply
Optical Resolution: 600dpi
Scanning speed: 4 seconds / Zhang (300dpi grayscale); 5.5 seconds / Zhang (300dpi color)

Scan mode: 24-bit color, 8-bit grayscale, a black and white
Scan range: A8 Standard (56mm * 114mm)
Dimensions: 112mm * 71mm * 26mm
Power consumption: 0.2 watt standby power consumption, power consumption is 2.0 watts while scanning

Feeder Thickness: 0.1--0.4mm
Feeder sensor: mechanical type photoelectric sensor

Scanning media cards
Cold cathode fluorescent lamp light source
Other parameters
No transmission adapter
Support does not support network scanning

System requirements Windows98 / 2000 Professional / Me / XP, USB Interface
Hui, as the accompanying software and visual image recognition software, handwriting recognition software Healer mouse
Supplied accessories Manual, CD-ROM disc