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A8 Business Card Scanner | Business Card Management System | Screen Image Recognition

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Hanwang card psychic Core
  • Brand: Hanvon / Hanwang
  • Hanwang Model: business card psychic Core
  • Scanning element: CCD
  • Scanner Type: Business Card Scanner
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Maximum format: the other format

Tsinghua Tongwen pass as business cards

This is the cheapest color business card scanner, And comes with a lot of value of practical software, business activities are now more and more meetings, PARTY, forums, show down through a business card accumulation has been, if the management of these important and potential business opportunities for customers to become Business card in front of important issues.Credit card business card solution is to solve this problem, simply card into the business card pass, you can 10 to 15 per minute speed of the input computer to stay for future inquiries use.

As a stylish high-tech digital products, smart card business card information can be achieved through the intelligent query, collaborative management, shared department resources.For white-collar business office needs a lot of communication features, but also with Excel, Outlook and PDA, mobile Internet Interoperability, one point will be able to directly send mail. Card through there input, Manage color photos , Print the envelope , label And other functions. Anyway , Single-sided , Chinese-English , Simplified and Traditional , Dirty old business card Hui, as business cards can be processed, can be identified Hundreds of artistic fonts and rare words.

Hui, as business cards attached to the business card scanning software can automatically intelligent classification can also be classified according to their own needs, Such as 'friend ' , 'colleague ' , 'client ' Wait. When you need to find someone's business card, just enter the keyword information, you can in the tens of thousands of records to find immediately.

It can also convert various types of text images, such as signs, panels, books, newspapers and web pages, which are made by digital cameras into an editable textual data through a recognition system. She can recognize visual distortion, uneven light, A text image with a background pattern Simplified, Traditional, Japanese, Korean, English, numbers, symbols And the like.

User Reviews:

For business people, the business card has become an indispensable communication show at the entertainment tool.We can also use business cards to let others can easily find their own.However, more than a business card, whether to sort out or find for us is a But we believe that most users will be busy or lazy because of the relationship will often readily fling will no longer be ignored, and once it is easy to find a lot of people will be easy to sort out and reasonable sorting, Find contacts from the words are often required to the ocean of business cards 'travel' some.

So some people think of the scanner, the business card into JPEG format, not only convenient storage, with a good naming rules, then find it will be more convenient, but there is no more convenient or more foolish way?

Taking into account the needs of business people, for business card scanner will emerge as the times require, today we have to introduce is Tsinghua Tong Tong Hui as color business card, which is a set of Chinese and English business card identification system, including a slightly more than ordinary business cards A large number of business card scanning identification machine, and business card Wang management software.Through this business card scanning identification machine, you can easily scan business card data will be identified to the computer and PDA, without the time consuming input text.

In the trial of this product before we take a look at the introduction of text-hui as:

This product has a resolution of 600dpi, 24-bit true color. A few seconds to scan a business card, and it also supports continuous multi-scan, more business cards can also be completed in a short time to enter.More importantly, Through the management software can scan all kinds of Chinese and English business cards, not only can automatically identify traditional Chinese and simplified card, identify the Chinese simplified Chinese characters, English, digital mixing., And symbols, recognition rate of 98%. For a variety of different fonts can Analysis and identification, while the business card content can be automatically analyzed and select the appropriate field.

Wen Tong Hui, as the main business card through the device is the figure below, in fact, this is a very compact size of the scanner, carrying a very convenient ordinary briefcase to accommodate this mini-scan can be more than enough a .. Wang using USB interface Independent power supply, eliminating the need to scan the business card when the user interface to the power of trouble.

1.Card, such as mountains, swept away: With the card as the business card, as long as the card into a row of her compact A8 color business card scanner, not a half-day will be able to many years of business card, as long as the business card, Accumulated business card information 'send' into the computer, regardless Chinese and English, Simplified and Traditional, dirty old, single-sided, Can easily get to identify hundreds of Art fonts and uncommon words In today 's pursuit of efficiency without losing the rigorous office and living atmosphere, the business card through the human - oriented features can be described as considerate, considerate! Sweep your network, business efficiency is far more than a hundred times?

2.Free shooting, fast-changing document: Anytime, anywhere you use digital cameras, mobile phones, camera head shooting signs, display panels, books, newspapers, tourist attractions and other types of images through the product with the 'Hui as' software into text data, but also identify Visual distortion, writing blurred, with a background pattern , Uneven text image Allows you to really use the 'eyes' typing, WYSIWYG.
3.Online content, escape the eye: Unique catch screen function, the image on the screen, web pages, PDF files or video dynamic text can also be correctly identified.
4.Multi-language text recognition, wide application: English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese documents can be recognized in addition to Chinese Simplified and Traditional printed documents Recognition rate 99% or more
5.Comes with a unique 'little mouse' text-handwriting recognition technology, Where to go where you write: No matter what type of computer users can use, without the need to attach any specific hardware! Use flexible, convenient, powerful identification core can make you naturally free to identify Chinese characters.

6.Needle in a haystack, easy: Business card scanning software can automatically intelligent classification can also be classified according to their own needs, Such as 'friends', 'colleagues', 'customers', etc., When you need to find someone 's business card, just Enter keywords Information, you need to find people from thousands of business cards to jump in front of you! Unique thumbnail display, as long as the click of a mouse let you see Colorful business card!
7.Resources for the enjoyment, import and export: E-CARD E-CARD card also has a pass with Excel, Outlook, handheld computers, PDAs, mobile phone interoperability, batch printing envelopes or labels and other powerful utility.
8.Installation is simple, without a teacher:

Hui, as business card through e-card color A8scanner Technical Parameters:

Scanner Type Business Card Scanner

image sensor : CMOS contact image sensor
Interface: USB interface, no external power supply
Optical resolution: 600 dpi
Scanning speed: 4 seconds / sheet (300dpi grayscale); 5.5 seconds / sheet (300dpi color)

Scan mode: 24-bit true color, 8-bit grayscale, 1 bit black and white
Scanning range: A8 standard (56mm * 114mm)
Body size: 112mm * 71mm * 26mm
Power consumption: standby power consumption of 0.2 watts, scanning power consumption of 2.0 watts

Paper thickness: 0.1 - 0.4mm
Paper feed sensor: mechanical photoelectric sensor

Scan the media business card
Light source cold cathode lamp
Other parameters
Transmission Adapter None
Support for network scanning is not supported

System requirements Windows98 / 2000 Professional / Me / XP, USB interface
With the software vision visual image recognition software and mouse handwriting recognition software
Accessories manual, CD-ROM CD-ROM