Taomu Jian ax coins mahogany Wenchang pen bags peace symbol pendant gourd carving | Children baby security and peace

Taomu Jian ax coins mahogany Wenchang pen bags peace symbol pendant gourd carving | Children baby security and peace

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Feng Shui Court
  • Wood Material: mahogany
  • Art: Other
  • Carving: line carving
  • Color Category: Zodiac rabbit talisman subsection N4 zodiac rabbit lucky bag section N16 Zodiac Monkey Fukubukuro paragraph N21 Health Chaumat Fukubukuro paragraph N19 zodiac sheep talisman paragraph N8 Zodiac Snake Fukubukuro paragraph N18 Zodiac Rooster talisman paragraph N10 Zodiac dog Fukubukuro paragraph N23 Zodiac cattle Fukubukuro paragraph N14 zodiac pig each child shall N24 zodiac dragon amulet paragraph N5 zodiac rat Fukubukuro paragraph N13 zodiac sheep Fukubukuro paragraph N20 zodiac monkey amulet paragraph N9 zodiac pig talisman paragraph N12 Health Chaumat amulet paragraph N7 born Xiaohu Fu bags of N15 zodiac tiger amulet paragraph N3 zodiac ox talisman subsection N2 zodiac dog amulet amulet paragraph shall N11 zodiac rat zodiac N1 chicken Fukubukuro paragraph N22 zodiac snake amulet paragraph N6 N17 Health Xiaolong Fu bags of money
  • Style: Modern Chinese
  • Item: 9755


Feng Shui Court




Hand-carved mahogany


Chilbulbong wishful gold refining burn mantra opening

measure size

Vajra: 3.2 cm long mahogany small sword: length 4.8 cm
Mahogany knife: length 4.2 cm Wenchang pen: length 4 cm
Fluke Gourd: Apple 3.2 cm long: 1.5 cm in diameter
Artificial dog teeth: 3 cm long, 0.9 cm wide

[Standard] Peach Apple accessories, mahogany zodiac, Wenchang pen mahogany, mahogany faucet sword, ax mahogany, mahogany arowana, Vajra, opening each child.

This is a special peace auspicious baby child suit. Different aggregates auspicious treasures, made from natural cherry wood and refined, with mahogany evil effect, full bless your baby safely, intelligent wealth, Fortune life. But also the sustenance of parents and elders good wishes of the child.
Belt on baby neck, or hanging on the baby bed, stroller, also suitable for hanging in the child's bag, or hanging in the children's bedroom.

Mahogany culture:

'Habitat can not do without peach' is the unique Chinese culture, the expression of the people's auspicious life, peace, longevity desire and pursuit. Peach in many ancient Chinese myths and legends, in which the most important is to have two god legend man named Tu, Yu Lei legend can cure evil. so with civil mahogany carved their appearance, on their own doorstep, in order to prevent harm evil. later, people simply in the plate engraved mahogany God Tu, Yu base name, so that the town can do the same evil to evil. this mahogany board was later to be called the 'Spring Festival' (couplets originated in the 'Spring Festival'). Although many descriptions about the peach contains myths of ancient cultures , superstitions strong, but mahogany evil is an indisputable 'facts'!