Ann with teether | baby molar teeth stick chews gum silicone toys biting teether four months or more

Ann with teether | baby molar teeth stick chews gum silicone toys biting teether four months or more

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Security with gutta-percha
  • Brand: An Hotels
  • EAN Code: 6921140812053
  • Color Classification: Watermelon Grapes Watermelon + + + banana Popsicle ice cream sheep + bracelet + bottle
  • Item: Teether
  • Packaging: Single Pack
  • Material: Silicone

All silicone Food Grade Multi-style

Bisphenol A Can be sterilized in boiling water

2 sets of minus 5 yuan 3 sets of minus 8 yuan

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Brand Ann Hotels Product Name Teether
Item No. AP-1205 Ages 0 years old
Material Silica gel Weight 0.023kg

one, Product Features

Use moderate hardness of the silica gel is made, regardless of how the bite will not hurt the gums.
Moderate size, easy for baby hands moderation, Duanlian baby ability.
Effectively reduce, relieve baby teething gums itchy pain, solve the baby likes to chew things biting bad habits, to appease the baby's bad mood

Second, note
1Baby when using gutta-percha, do not let the baby leave your sight.
2Before the first use of pacifiers, teethers, and before and after each use, please immediately be cleaned and disinfected.
3Recommended boiled disinfection method. Do not boil too long time.
5, After cleaning, please dumped on a clean tooth gel with water, and to place it into the shade to dry.
6Do not gutta-percha placed under the sun.
7Do not sugar or syrup dipped gutta baby to prevent tooth decay.
8Do the gutta-percha tied rope line, to prevent dangerous. (If desired rope line, please buy gutta-percha dedicated chain) .
Third, Tips (must-see)
About Odor: silicone material gutta use just open a little taste is normal, just be disinfected can be removed.
Usually cook for 5 minutes with boiling water disinfection, taste can be eliminated, should be used to dump water on the net gutta stranded due to the perception of the taste of each person is different,
May also feel a little taste after sterilization, because the product is used in food-grade silicone material, are to undergo a quality inspection in order to sell, the baby will not
Have any adverse effects, so we do not accept personal organoleptic grounds required for return Oh, please understand.

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