Feast of fire-Maple 2-3 people people camping picnic sets 1-2 man portable outdoor Cookware utensils pot Pan

Feast of fire-Maple 2-3 people people camping picnic sets 1-2 man portable outdoor Cookware utensils pot Pan

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Fire-Maple/Flame Maple
  • Item no: 92819XY1
  • Origin: China
  • Color category: feast feast feast feast feast 4 2 5 3 1 FENGSHEN in the cauldron of the Thunder God pan of Vulcan fryers T4 T3 teapot tea pot FENGSHEN + wind + Vulcan FENGSHEN + Thor Thor Thor +T3 +T3 fire Dan Guo Feng Feng the heat in a frying pan Feng Xiao Dan Guo Thor, Thor + fire + fire-maple in the frying pan
  • Time to market: the winter of 2013
  • Material: aluminum alloy

Aeolus pot size: 0.32KG Thor China net weight: 0.26KG

Vulcan fryers net weight: 0.21KG

Take close look at product details below, first is the packaging of the product, as follows:
Eyes bright, new design, new color scheme, different from the fire-Maple old Cookware.
Aluminum alloy materials, surface black hard anodized treatment, black hard anodized technology, different from previous oxidation oxidation control Film thickness to achieve low reflection of radiant heat, high absorption.
The following figure:
Combination Cookware set, reasonable nesting to save space. The following figure:
Family, two cooking pot, a frying pan and a kettle. There's spatula, two PP plastic bowl, a dish cloth. The following figure:
Note: wash the dishes Scouring pad may receive a blue, white, and why are authentic.
Feast series griddle ... The following figure:
Bottom wave design, increasing the heating surface, saving fuel, as shown below:
Orange handle and water outlet, as shown below:
Pour water directly, convenient, as shown below:
Feast highlight of the series is the bayonet handle up and down, as shown below:
There are three benefits
One, in the cooking process, wind effects are not affected by the wild swing of the handle, resulting in instability of gravity, causing the pot
Second, end process, sound, and put an end to the traditional left-green handle is designed to be easy to shake.
Third, conditionally available for different cities, Office homogenization serious dress style and why people act suppressed for too long in an environment of close, go wild, you need Is different from the conditionally available.

The following figure:
Kettle feast series, as shown below:
There is a tea strainer, as shown below:
The spout of the kettle, as shown below:
Following with a close look at the size of the Cookware, as shown below: