EATON / Eaton STS16A | static transfer switch dual power ups genuine original redundancy | Rackmount 1U

EATON / Eaton STS16A | static transfer switch dual power ups genuine original redundancy | Rackmount 1U

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: EATON / Eaton
  • Model: STS 16A

Eaton STS 16 (power switch)

Eaton STS 16 IEC reasonable price for customer switches and routers need to increase a Class high voltage network equipment redundancy. This will supply power transfer switch with two different power supply for them (usually mains power and a UPS, or 2 Taiwan UPS). when a power failure, it will immediately switch to the backup power, without interrupting the power supply equipment to be protected. Eaton STS can be connected to multiple devices, while saving the cost of expensive redundant power supplies.

Features and Benefits

  • Provide power redundancy to high voltage IT equipment
  • It is provided by the expensive redundant power options for IT vendors
  • Small 1U rack form structure
  • Seamless switch from one power to another power source
The device is designed to provide as close to a redundant power supply, Pulsar STS uses a relay-based 'before-break' technology.
Once the short circuit occurs, Pulsar STS Series will ensure that failure does not extend to an alternate power source influence, thus continuing to ensure trouble-free power supply equipment.
Switching the power supply will not overlap, thereby ensuring the reliability of the circuit nodes.
Even if there is a fault, Pulsar STS can continue by another available power supply to the device.
Currently, the latest Pat servers are equipped with dual power supplies. Initially these types of devices (including hubs, switches, routers automatically, billing server, SMS server and medium-sized series servers) mostly single associated equipment, that is, they only have one input power supply. You can make use of each key rack Pulsar STS device is connected to a redundant power supply all the way.
Two-way power (main power and alternative power supply) can be connected directly to the STS on the rack. Then, Pulsar STS will control the way power redundancy. Once the main power fails, it will automatically switch to standby immediately selected power supply.
Simple and economical
Given its advanced design principles, computer equipment and dual power supply options should be provided by the compared, Pulsar STS price quite competitive advantage.
The equipment for the 1U height, can be freely installed in the rack. 5 LED indicator lights can significantly power and operating status of STS.