Kingston 32gu disk custom car u disk metal cute mini creative personality u disk USB mobile u disk 32g

Kingston 32gu disk custom car u disk metal cute mini creative personality u disk USB mobile u disk 32g

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Kingston / Kingston
  • Kingston Model: DTSE9-32GB
  • Flash memory capacity: 32GB
  • Color Classification: DTSE9 32GB + zodiac disc DTSE9 32GB + zodiac disc DTSE9 32GB + NBA team logo DTSE9 32GB + licensed more than 400 high quality songs mp3 car music DTSE9 32GB + car logo LOGO DTSE9 32GB + cartoon disc ( illustrated cartoon page limit) dtse9 32GB + personality Art signature design (limited to 4 words) DTSE9 32GB licensed bar + Beijing Beijing workers DJ dance music (500) DTSE9 32GB + one hundred surname totem DTSE9 32GB + movie characters mark DTSE9 32GB + HD photos customize ⑤se9 32G u disk system installed computer system reinstall the boot disk + W7 + W8 + XP DTSE9 32GB licensed ++ sided lettering dtse9 32GB DTSE9 32GB licensed licensed standard + custom image u disk can be customized LOGO
  • Condition: New
  • Whether to support the security check: support
  • Service: Genius
  • USB Type: USB2.0
  • Features: Waterproof


1. Custom type number does not participate in the seven days no reason to return service, customized products, like oh warranty
2. Which option specification pro photographed, we follow the beat down delivery options, such as the lettering took no message content, nor contact customer lettering indicate the contents of all the official lettering issue. If you take the trouble to shoot the wrong refund remake.
3. SALE system - the system tray pro who must shoot system - the system tray that option system - the system tray plus lettering can contact customer service make up the difference.


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