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CASIO / CASIO FX-82ES PLUS A calculator student science function test computer

CASIO / CASIO FX-82ES PLUS A calculator student science function test computer
Product code: 28461300030
Unit price 9.45$
Sold quantity 913
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Casio / Casio FX-82ES P ...
  • Brand: Casio / Casio
  • CASIO Model: FX-82ES PLUS A
  • Color classification: Rui blue wisdom black Zhen red Hui white
  • Type: Multifunctional scientific function type
  • Screen material: LED
  • Maximum display digits: 12 digits
  • Adapter battery type: 7 alkaline batteries

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Product Size
Long 16.2X width 8(CM)
commodity weight
About 170 grams
Equipped with power supply
7 batteries

FX-82ES PLUS A Product information

'Four lines of natural writing' '' Multi-step reproduction function '' Score calculation function '' Trigonometric function '' 1 independent memory '' Standard and decimal transformation '' Arrangement and combination '' Table format statistical function '

  • Textbook synchronization display
  • Enhanced functionality to meet all the calculator needs of the course
  • Authoritative recommendation, textbooks selected with the calculator
  • Size: 13.8 (H) X 80 (W) X162 (D) mm
  • Weight: about 100g (with battery)
  • Battery life: the cursor flashes continuously for about 17,000 hours
  • Applicable people: primary school ~ high school


  • Four lines show clearer
  • The cursor moves more easily
  • Fuselage is more portable

Note: The latest version of FX-82ES PLUS is a student-specific calculator with black and white red and blue four colors to choose from, CASIO latest design. (Shop business authentic, more information, please visit the official website of Casio, www.casio.com.cn, the market fake flooding, below this price, the following to identify the authenticity of the method, please identify and then purchase)