Custom postcard | personalized postcard | diy homemade greeting cards retro custom postcard star

Custom postcard | personalized postcard | diy homemade greeting cards retro custom postcard star

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Zhen good
  • Model: Custom Postcards
  • Color Category: thick double-sided copper's pearl white double-sided double-sided card card crystal diamond bright white double-sided Dutch imports thick double-sided card's white card He Lanka sided copper-sided 54-sided double-thick white card Year 54 double-sided surface 54 pearl diamond bright card Jang-sided 54-sided 350g 350g thick copper thick copper double-sided Dutch imports of white card-sided 54
  • Style: Creative trend

The above price is the price of a set of nine, nine do please take a two sets to do so, please shoot 18 pictures can be the same or different

Our advantages:

Postcard market was mixed, as an ordinary color printer can do the product, someone will ask us what are the advantages, the local paper all the differences are not large, this advantage is not great, our greatest advantage is the printing device. Any individual or small facade are can start on Taobao Taobao shop, while the Lynx mall is needed is to sell the company's identity, the differences among this is self-evident.

use Millions of machines And printed by Several thousand printer Printed, the difference is self-evident. The same picture, finished higher resolution, color is more subtle, the most important is to save Time longer! ! !

■ Image Size: The bigger the better picture, image sizes to be not less than 800x1000, and requires clear image.
Baidu picture, QQ space, microblogging maps, photos and other online download sharpness are relatively small, it is not recommended.
■ Image format: jpg or jpeg png format.
■ Select the number of sheets: Beat one of 9 to 18 shot two shot three is 27 and so on
For example, make 81 double-sided postcard, you can shoot 9

■ Image Transfer:

1. Image compression packing made after the message to our mailbox ( Recommended mass mail
2. After using compressed image to us by Want Want (We Want name: Zhen good digital flagship store)
3 Photo Add network disk (360 Baidu cloud network disk or network disk, pan and etc.) and then we can send the download link

■ File name: After the finished image archive your file to your Want name + paper + front + style + style number on the back
For example: 312 Li (name Want oh) + + 's white card on the back of positive A version + M + 72 Zhang

■ Finished Size: 146x98mm ■ Design Dimensions: 148x100mm 300 resolution / inch [containing the periphery of each cutting 1mm bleeding]
■ Printing: Digital Printer ■ Shipping: Picture no problem about 2 days shipping
■ MOQ: 9 How many do a shot corresponding number of seats ■ Thickness: More than 300 grams