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Only Love Angel | Children baby cuff cuff sleeves baby infant child protection sleeve cuff sleeve head

Product code: -28240400030
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: vera angel / Only Love Angel
  • Color Classification: CTX-01 (two pairs of dress, red little thin) TX-48 CTX-03 (two pairs of loading) TX-49 TX-50 TX-02 TX59 TX-07 TX-20 TX-22 TX-46 TX-44 TX-37 TX-14 TX-17 TX-41 TX68 TX-01 TX-03 TX-47 TX-10 TX-62 TX-69 TX-21 TX-45 TX-05 TX-04 TX-55 TX -09 TX-34 TX-06 TX-60 TX-61 TX-08
  • Item No: TX-01
  • Whether the water: No
  • Made of: Cotton