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Edifier / Cruiser R10U USB2.0 mini desktop notebook computer speakers small stereo subwoofer

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Edifier / Cruiser R10U
  • Packaging volume: 0.55kg
  • Channel: 2
  • Condition: New
  • GW: 0.8
  • Case Material: Plastic
  • color: black
  • Service: Genius
  • Brand: Edifier / Cruiser
  • Cruiser Model: R10U

small Speaker of the king, a small pocket, sound extraordinary! Located in the portable speakers, but not the slightest careless workmanship, design originality speaker unit


Why choose Cruiser R10U?

1, the sound quality is tough, not to copy boasted to the facts speak! Small stature, sound bars, bass surging!

2, D 68 (w) x166 (h) x94 (d), on the table is a work of art!

3, the unique USB power supply mode, no external power supply plug, notebooks, desktop computers, mobile phones and other USB power supply as long as you can

Enjoy Cruiser R10U the shock listening enjoyment.

4, exclusive sales commitment, you can enjoy after-sales service Cruiser UNPROFOR around the country, another shop launched an exclusive 30-day free trial,

1 year free warranty service.


Cruiser R10U the back now unified security check labels change in the specification of the display, if in doubt consult customer service or call us directly Cruiser company free consultation Tel: 400-810-5526In order to be more convenient and effective treatment products.