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Since Visitor Outdoor Portable Alpenstock 7075 Aluminum Alloy Folding Telescopic Staff 3 Cork Walking Crutches

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Trackman / since the visitors
  • Wrist strap: Yes
  • Item No .: TM6702
  • Number of climbing sticks: 3 knots
  • Style: straight grip
  • Handle material: soft wood
  • Material of pole: Aluminum alloy
  • Stick tip Material: carbon tungsten steel
  • Whether with shock absorbers: Yes
  • Time to market: 2012
  • Weight: 280 grams
  • Length: 136CM
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 118
  • Color Category: Light 'gold' single 'light' section
  • Sports and outdoor projects: hiking

'Name': Mont BlancThree straight grip A walking stick
'Shank material': 7075 aviation aluminum alloy
'Handle material': PP + cork
'Stick tip': tungsten steel head
'Specifications': length 136CM, after shrinkage 66CM
'Weight': 280 grams
'Handle': straight handle
'Attachment': With wrist strap, snow care

Alpenstock can make outdoor climbing through the activities bring a lot of benefits, such as improving the stability of walking to reduce the burden on the legs; according to the study, walking with alpenstock can reduce at least 22%Give your legs and knees the power to make your legs feel more comfortable and at the same time Two alpenstock Can provide a better balance, but do not forget to find the trunk, it can also do with the tarpaulin pole set up canopy.
At present, mountain climbing through the activities of the general use of three adjustable alpenstock, with aluminum / titanium alloy pole, tungsten manganese alloy rod tip, according to the palm of the hand handle pad design, as well as fast removable snow circle; Seismic system, slow down the burden on the arm!

Alpenstock in the long walk can effectively help you save energy, maintain a balance, to prevent sprains, a lot of useful.Many ALICE Alpenstock is not very seriously, it is not true, your heart to make it your two legs, slow Slow to adapt, and finally it will become part of your body, while the best use of two Dengshan Zhang, a start is also possible. We must believe in science. Experienced ALICE can not only help to walk Alpenstock, and can Let it have more use ... Note how to correctly use the trekking pole, uphill when the stick is placed behind their own, when the downhill is placed in front of his body; cross the river when not to use alpenstock to help his teammates Cross the river, which is very dangerous, please do remember that the mountain cane horizontal can not bear a relatively large force; take gravel road when the alpenstock snowboard down, take the hard stone road to the tip protection cover, it Can increase the friction and stability, but also to protect the stick tip is not worn too fast.As long as it is not very dangerous sections must put the wrist into the wristband, not by hand to hold the stick, but through the wristband Let the stick follow you.