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Natural barbecue carbon mechanism carbon fruit charcoal bamboo charcoal pot domestic heating charcoal smoke picnic outdoor carbon

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Product parameters:

  • Applicable environment: Ordinary outdoor environment
  • Weight: 500g
  • Combustion duration: 5 hours
  • Brand: Qing Xin
  • Item No: BBQ Premium Carbon
  • made in China
  • Pure natural bamboo charcoal '15 pounds installed (sent to the combustion of alcohol + carbon clip)
  • Time to market: Spring 2014

Pure bamboo powder processed from the smokeless carbon, natural environmental health and clean, with density, uniform space, good thermal conductivity, high heat value, flammable burning, burning evenly, and burning smoke-free, non-explosive, tasteless Non-toxic, non-toxic residual ash less high rate of non-polluting, etc. Burning will not produce harmful gases, natural, healthy environmental protection, please rest assured!

: (Some stores a lot of people to evaluate the difficulty of carbon is: Participation in a lot of clay and chemical adhesives, burning produce poisonous, pure wood powder bamboo powder processing synthesis! Material, parents are careful to buy)