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Handmade Head Hair Clip Material Bag | DIY Bowknot Hair Accessories Material Headband Ribbon Ribbon

Handmade Head Hair Clip Material Bag | DIY Bowknot Hair Accessories Material Headband Ribbon Ribbon
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Mo Mo jewelry
  • Accessory Type: Other Accessories
  • Color Classification: Activity Package 4 # Activity Package 4 # glue gun (will be more convenient)
  • Material: Others
  • Condition: New
  • The price range: 10-19.99 yuan
  • New strange: network - characteristics
  • Item No.: blue children's package

Only tact Yuantong Express, refused to sign for no reason to bear the seller to issue freight

Inner Mongolia, Qinghai and Qinghai Tibet is not 包邮
Video tutorial to pull down, can only use the computer to open the browser
Or on the Youku search: Mo Mo jewelry (phone to see)
Bow tie with our signature drill will be more outstanding.
Do a good job of the finished product bow circle is very popular

For glue gun please buy me separately

1. glue gun for the first time the first use of electricity heating 5 minutes, and then into the stick, gun hall in the air, more squeeze a few emptying (or directly to the inside to send plastic filled empty).

2. orange feeding sticks because the gun hall did not meet the use of temperature, force is too large, likely to cause deformation of plastic rods, resulting in no feeding can not glue, for a stick to solve the problem

good news

Shop red crown, Loss of blood earned the credibility , The special launch of this special wild package

Gifts, courier not as a difference in the assessment of the reasons for the request too drifting, thank you

To shoot this package and then shoot the other goods can be included with the package (including shipping, contact customer service changes)

Only hope for us to light up five stars Oh

There is a need for pictures tutorial please tell customer service your mailbox, the gift of friendship Oh. Request is too high do not obtain, thank you

Package content is as follows

Ribbon for each color on the map of each meter (Do not count by the code home, according to my meter count, 1 yard = 0.914 meters , Affordable to see Oh)

(In order to faster shipping, packaging is not on the map when the singles, but the same width package together, received please open one by one check, thank you)