LSVTR waterproof Korean female couple watches steel business student belt male table quartz watch men watch men

LSVTR waterproof Korean female couple watches steel business student belt male table quartz watch men watch men

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Warranty: Shop warranty
  • Condition: New
  • Watches Mirror Material: mineral glass mirror
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Brand: LSVTR
  • Model: T017A
  • Movement Type: quartz watch
  • Watch Type: Couples table
  • Style: fashion
  • Strap Material: Other
  • Shape: Round
  • Display: Analog
  • Time to market: 2014 spring and summer
  • Color Classification: Belt - brown with white-faced female belts - brown with white-faced male belt - black-faced black belt female belt - Black Belt black-faced male steel chain - white women steel chain - White Male steel chain - black women steel chain - black male Calendar - belt - brown with white-faced female calendar - belt - brown with white-faced male calendar - belt - black belt black-faced female calendar - belt - black belt black-faced male calendar - steel chain - white female calendar - steel chain - black female calendar - steel chain - white Male calendar - steel chain - black men steel chain - white female models + band Opener steel chain - white male models + band Opener steel chain - black female models + band Opener steel chain - black male models + demolition zone calendar is steel chain - white women + band Opener calendar steel chain - white M + band Opener calendar steel chain - black women + band Opener calendar steel chain - black M + band Opener
  • Water depth: 30 meter life waterproofing
  • Bottom of the table type:
  • Crown type:
  • Dial thickness: 7mm
  • Dial diameter: 39mm
  • Brand origin: China
  • Popular elements: stainless steel
  • Case material: Alloy

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Material: high quality PU leather strap, stainless steel case back Japanese quartz movement

Men size: Length 23cm diameter 3.9cm table header 0.7cm thick

Female models size: Length 22cm diameter 2.9cm table header 0.7cm thick

The watches steel strap, metal strap are in accordance with the factory design rather long, watch total length 23cm, (+ Watches recommend buyers choose transfer table device)

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True 30 meters waterproof durable

(test)Water depth:

(Test) Swiss Army Knife VS Do not wear bracelets

(Test) drill VS Mirror

(test)Strength and High Temperature:

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