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Chang Lin WJQ-308 multi-functional shovel | Engineer shovel | Folding the army shovel | Shovel fishing shovel Outdoor cross-country camping

Chang Lin WJQ-308 multi-functional shovel | Engineer shovel | Folding the army shovel | Shovel fishing shovel Outdoor cross-country camping
Product code: 2810600030
Unit price 84.85$
Sold quantity 1566
Available stock 900

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Changlin
  • Item: 308 Almighty Army Shovel
  • Price tag: 320.00
  • Sports Outdoor: Camping
  • Weight: 501g (including) -1000g (including)
  • Expanded length: 71cm and above
  • The price range: 301-500 yuan
  • Features: 16 (including) -20 (including)
  • Time to market: 2012
  • made in China
  • Additional Features: Opener Hammer Ax Spear Shovel Other

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The latest Chinese omnipotent shovel, Known as the 'shovel of the king, the Chinese magic shovel'

High-tech alloy steel as the raw material, after the latest heat treatment process of quenching, the hardness of the highest HRC55 can reach more than such a powerful hardness is not a general shovel comparable to when you use it to cut a string? It can be said that it is entirely possible to say that the barking of barking barking from the calligrapher can be said to be complete. For the Chinese military tailored a spade!

Although the spade, but has long been out of the concept of shovel! It contains more than 18 kinds of functions .An army spade almost all necessary combat tools .Spade, trowel, machete, vise, scissors, saw, tow hook, fly anchor, open bucket, , So many tools, but only concentrated in a full-length 590mm folded up 400mm, and so on, so that the use of a variety of tools, Weight less than 0.85KG on a spade. In the march of the war, the soldiers can easily get rid of the heavy tool kit, in a large extent to reduce the man's weight, speed up the maneuver speed, thus greatly improving the combat effectiveness!

Multi-function, easy to use: Chinese omnipotent army shovel 18Function ,Set the functions of sixteen tools in one, the objective to reduce the amount of soldiers with tools.

Small size, easy to carry: Chinese omnipotent army shovel length 59cm, folding long

40cm, spade width 16cm shovel surface length: 20cm

Light weight, reduce weight: Chinese omnipotent spade weight of 0.85KG, although the collection of 14 kinds of tools, the total weight is still lower than the weight of the current shovel.

User-friendly design: China's omnipotent military shovel increased a lot of ergonomic design, such as hand, finger grip, etc., more humane. Increased aesthetic and operating comfort.

Focus on ergonomics: advanced design concept, the center of mass in the forward, the board and the angle, the shape of the ball crown spade, etc., and fully consider the cooperation between people and products.

Manufacturing precision, good performance: China's omnipotent military shovels designed and manufactured according to weapons standards, durable.

Selection of science, high quality: Chinese omnipotent spade in the various functional parts on the selection of tools than the function of the material, reliable quality.

Applicable to a wide range: either as a **, but also in the civilian show, such as the survival of the wild, tourism.

New design, handsome in appearance: in the surface treatment and packaging upgrades, as the military in the international military activities in the gift.

The data search and research at home and abroad, China's omnipotent military shovel in the functional uses and indicators have reached or exceeded the international advanced level, to fill the gap of multi-functional spade, with its easy to carry, functional diversity, quality is expert That the 'Chinese magic shovel'.

Material, hardness:

Shovel head part: tool stainless steel

Hardness of the working part: HRC47-51

China omnipotent army shovel 308 original ecology picture display: