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'10 fitted 'super decontamination and durable automatic toilet Lingbao flushing toilet toilet deodorant blue bubble lasting

Product code: -28102900030
Unit price 1.43$
Sold quantity 199698
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Love and Dream
  • Item: Blue bubble
  • Whether the amount of equipment: Yes
  • Physical form: massive
  • Net content: 499mL the following
  • Whether with nozzle: No nozzle
  • Whether imported: domestic

Blue bubble a 50 grams, plus or minus 2 grams, a 10 ,. Most of the customers to buy a 5-10. On sales of more than 80 million, I believe that our quality and cost-effective!

Friendly reminder: blue bubble used to be placed away from the outlet location to protect the effective use of time and effect

use High efficiency active ingredient, at the same time to form a protective film, resistance to dirt in the attachment. Pine fragrance, natural fresh, clear odor. Slow-release formulation safe and durable, green, non-phosphorus substances, heavy metals , No corrosion on the tank water pipes!