Dark dashboard pad dedicated Toyota | old and new models | Reiz RAV4 modified sunshade sunscreen insulation

Dark dashboard pad dedicated Toyota | old and new models | Reiz RAV4 modified sunshade sunscreen insulation

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Brand: Tiger Jue Shi
  • Model: HJS-T051- Toyota
  • Color Classification: 05--09 old Reiz black red line 05--09 old Reiz charm black 05--09 old Reiz black red edge 05--09 old Reiz brown 10--15 years Reiz charm black 10 --15 years Reiz black red edge 10--15 years Reiz black red line 10--15 years Reiz new RAV4 models 14-15 brown charm black 14-15 new models RAV4 black red edge 14-15 new models RAV4 black red 14 -15 models before the new RAV4 brown 13 years old with a spare tire with a spare tire and old charm RAV4 RAV4 black red 13 years ago 13 years ago with a black RAV4 spare tire old black red old RAV4 spare tire rim with 13 years ago [black brown purple edge] (photographed message car model + year) [black] orange side (photographed message car model + year) [maroon] (photographed message car model + year)
  • pattern: plain
  • Car mat type: dashboard pad

Here is 05--09 old models Reiz

Here is the new 10--14 years Reiz

Warm prompt installation (installation tips)

Some parents get our hands on the door after the first installation was no way, leading to uneven shop said, wrinkled, in fact, carefully installed are no big problem, the following words to describe the shop installation tips, Duokanjibian guarantee 95% customers can install more than OK.

3M glue strip shop all without leaving traces of glue, the test almost two years, stickers design principle, is not primarily designed for fixed, but for the smooth design assistance, fixed only a few rough edges can be fix.

Tip Method: If you receive the goods if the proposed night at home, flat on the second day out to install (or, as hanging clothes into the sky, like a night) because good mat is rolled up and shipped, if installed, (Remember Remember the first step is not to recapture rubberized mat) We must first put away the mat on the dashboard, Then slowly heal, and then against injustice wherever gently with a rubber stopper into the stick, again heal slowly heal the past, where injustice, with a glue stick into the mat, light stick into it, so relatively Haonong, and repeatedly heal, can arched position pushed together and then below the gum into it posted a glue, so almost everyone can get very smooth, in fact, we can design the mat , glue is enough. (Stickers for the preliminary design of the flat and, after basking in the sun will slowly smooth down, so Moji ha) . Must know some tricks, as well, and you is that, do not get directly to the dashboard gum paste, mat did not put the instrument panel, then you stick the 3M adhesive, then it is difficult to straighten, nor I know where it would play for, can lead to gum enough. shopkeeper pro-test their own 20 is enough, we will give the pro-30 glue, so parents who do not worry Oh.