Dashboard light pad for Toyota | new and old | Reiki RAV4 modified sun block shade insulation

Dashboard light pad for Toyota | new and old | Reiki RAV4 modified sun block shade insulation

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Material: polyester
  • Brand: Tiger Jueshi
  • Model: HJS-T051-Toyota
  • Color Classification: 05-09 years old Reiz black red line 05-09 years old Reiz charm black 05-09 years old section Reiz black red edge 05-09 years old Reiz brown 10-15 years 新锐 Zhi charm black 10 - 15 years 新锐 Chi black edge 10-15 years 新锐 Chi black red line 10-15 years 新锐 Chi brown 14-15 new RAV4 charm black 14-15 models new RAV4 black red edge 14-15 paragraph new RAV4 black red line 14 -15 new RAV4 brown 13 years ago with spare tire RAV4 charm all black 13 years ago with a spare tire RAV4 black red line 13 years ago with a spare tire RAV4 black red side 13 years ago with spare tire RAV4 brown 'black violet Side / black orange edge '(photographed message car model + year) no pattern flannel - message model roses flannel - message model
  • pattern: plain
  • Car pad type: Instrument pad

Here is the 05-09 years old Reiz

The following is the new 10-14 years of Reiz

Warm installation tips (installation tips)

Some parents get the hand after the first installation can not start, resulting in said shop is not flat, wrinkled, in fact, carefully installed have no major problems, the following shop to describe the installation of the text tips to see more than a few times to ensure 95% The above customers can install OK.

Shop with 3M stickers all without leaving traces of glue, tested for almost two years, stickers design principles, not primarily for the fixed design, but for the formation of design assistance, fixed only need a few corners can be fix.

Tricks: If the goods received at night it is recommended at home, flat out to the next day to install, (or hanging like a hanging clothes as one night) because the mat is rolled up to ship, if installed, (The first step remember to remember not to put gum and then put the mat) You must first put the mat on the dashboard to put away, Then slowly heal, and then for the uneven, gently paste into the paste, and then heal, slowly heal the past, where uneven, with a rubber pad into the mat paste, light stick out into it, so that It is better to get a number of heal, you can squeeze the position of the arch together and then put in the following plastic stick into a plastic, so that almost everyone can get very smooth, in fact, we pad design is possible , Stickers are also sufficient. (Stickers for the early formation of the design, after the sun will gradually flattened the sun, so Mo Kazakhstan) . Tricks must be understood, and we say, do not get directly to the instrument table glue, mats did not put on the instrument table, then paste the 3M glue, then it is difficult to get smooth, nor Know where will be for, will lead to glue is not enough, the owner of the pro-test their 20 is enough, we will give pro-30 glue, so pro who do not worry Oh.