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Ultra-thin Man Si Si | charging wireless mouse no light mute | for ASUS Lenovo Apple HP Samsung Computer

Ultra-thin Man Si Si | charging wireless mouse no light mute | for ASUS Lenovo Apple HP Samsung Computer
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Mans A8
  • Brand: Manels
  • Model: A8
  • Package type: official standard
  • Interface type: USB
  • (Silent Edition) Black Scrub (Silent Edition) Black Scrub (Silent Edition) Black Scrub (Silent Edition) Black Scrub (Silent Edition)
  • Battery type: comes with charging
  • Wireless technology: support
  • Work: photoelectric
  • Whether to support ergonomics: support
  • Condition: New
  • After - sales service: other / other
  • Whether boxed genuine: Yes

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We are reluctant to blindly lower prices to reduce the quality of price war, the price competition is the loss of the interests of consumers. Cash chips are double-panel, stable power. Low-cost general is a single-panel chip, open the mouse Look at the clear, single-sided components inside the relatively simple, the probability of a relatively large problem.

This section is charged wireless mouse, no light mute, no light when used, power-saving design, left and right keys mute, sound small, relatively quiet; own rechargeable battery, distribution charging line, support side charge side with.

Note: Apple notebook, the new out of a small part without USB interface, can not use this mouse (as long as the USB interface can be used).

Mouse complete accessories: mouse + receiver + send charge data cable

Plug and play function. No need to automatically connect to the code is very convenient without any driver!

The mouse does not move for a long time, will automatically sleep, re-activation, just press the left and right keys can be!

Charging and using instructions:

Instructions: The receiver into the computer USB interface, plug in a little wait for about 15 seconds; then open the bottom of the mouse switch (that is, moved to the ON) Waiting to receive information about 3 - 5 seconds, you can use.

(Such as not yet, try to hold down the pulley and right, 2 seconds or so release the hand)

Charging method: Receive the mouse can be used immediately, the mouse comes with a part of the electricity (dissatisfied), you can use no electricity and then charge; no electricity charge generally 3-4 hours can be filled; (When the pulley around the blue light, full of light will automatically turn off; if full power and then plug the cable, the light will only light for a while off) .

Warm Tip (important): Some buyers say no receiver when the package, in fact, some, because the unified inspection when shipped, verify and then re-delivery. Receiver is not easy to pay attention to easy to lose, And the mouse together in a transparent bubble pouch bag.) Pro! Received unpacking bag please pay attention to the next receiver, thank you!

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