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Product parameters:

  • Platform Type: Chinese number
  • Trafficking screen size: 80 inches to 300 inches
  • Operating system: Andrews
  • The number of supported colors: 1.07 billion colors
  • Best served distance: 1.3 m
  • Body size (cm): 37.5 * 21 * 10
  • Keystone correction range: ± 40 degrees
  • Lamp power: 130
  • Lamp life: 10000 (not included) -12 000 (inclusive) hours
  • Zoom ratio: 0.625: 1
  • Color Category: dark gray
  • Brand: K-Mic / Gold Mike
  • Model: KM-UF55W
  • Technology: DLP Technology
  • Zoom: fixed focus
  • Brightness: 3000 lumens (including) - 4000 lumens (free)
  • Resolution (dpi): 1280x800dpi
  • Contrast: 10001: 1-20000: 1
  • Aspect Ratio: 4: 3 16: 9
  • Time to market: 2015
  • Package: official standard Package A Package IV Package five
  • Lamp type: UHE lamp (cold light bulb)

New original exported to the US Short focal Gold Mike Wang /SMART UF55W, This paragraph Good for: meeting, office, wedding, teaching and other places during the day, brightness up to 4600 lumens, even in bright indoor not need to pull the curtains. Ultrashort Coke, 1.3 meters to cast 100-inch screen, limited to 1000 units, first come first served! Sold out so far! Andrews box with more wireless internet access.

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The following is a real shot renderings UF55W